Does Opera Need A Break?

Think Opera will ever see the fame and success of Firefox in the near future? I tend to question this myself, despite me using it as a backup web browser. And at the end of the day, my pondering Opera’s existence remains a real fascination with me – why?

Because they dare to exist I suppose. Even though everyone is either not getting it or in some cases, simply does not see a need for the browser, Opera works to keep ther other options out there in check by simple existing. Interesting, who would have thought so much good could have come about from.

So do you think Opera is important on the desktop? Even if you do not use it, do you feel like it existing is somehow ensuring that future releases of other browsers will be better, faster and safer to use? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.

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  • fommy

    I use it as a backup browser.My wife love Opera.It’s a ok browser.But i like Firefox if i’am downloading.Mainly because it virus scans the contents.I use IE because it’s IE.That’s when i use it.I like Safari for news.And it’s pretty quick.I uninstalled Chrome.I’am not comfortable with beta.Still looking for a really fast and secure browser.Good luck with that one.I’am telling myself.

  • bruce

    Why do any of us exist? That’s a philosophical question I wearily asked myself at 3 a.m. when I was clearing sick off my son’s bed ;-(

    Why does Opera exist, and why am I so excited to work there?

    Opera exists because millions of people want us to. Millions want a mobile phone browser that doesn’t suck, that uses the same rendering engine as their desktop browser and which can synchronise with their desktop. Millions of people want to use the One Web on their phones rather than WAP. (Full Web surfing comprises more than 77% of all traffic. WAP content still generates the remaining 23% of traffic.)

    Opera exists because millions of people in Russia, Indonesia, China, Germany, Poland and all over the world use it to browse. (It’s a world wide web, not just a USA web, which tends to be dominated by the big American monoliths like Microsoft).

    Opera exists because people who play the Nintendo Wii and the new Nintendo DSi use it to surf the web. (See video of Opera on the DSi, third item down:

    Opera exists because millions of people with disabilities benefit from our intelligent keyboard spatial navigation, shrink-to-fit view, built-in voicing capabililities, the page zoom that we pioneered.

    Opera exists because thousands of web developers use our debugging tool, Opera Dragonfly, to debug remote devices like phones. (Have you ever tried entering lots of test data using a phone keyboard).

    Opera exists because millions of people benefit from our work promoting, supporting and developing open standards like HTML 5, SVG, CSS (which our CTO co-invented), so that the Web is open, free, unencumbered by patents or corporate control.

    That’s what Opera’s for.

    What’s not to love?

  • Caraibes

    I also use Opera as a backup browser (I use FF on Linux). But Opera doesn’t have the “real” AdBlock Plus, and some extensions I need… This is my problem. Also Opera is closed-source software, so I don’t feel like supporting it…

    However I agree it is an excellent browser, very very good ! It deserves more…

  • Pavarotti

    Opera is light years ahead of other browsers
    safest(most secure), quickest(no plugins), smallest, built-in everything (email,DL manager, fraud protection ..etc)
    read below

    About Opera

    Q: Is Opera free?
    A: Absolutely free.

    Q: Will Opera keep me safe from fraudulent websites and malicious hackers?
    A: According to Secunia, a respected firm that tracks security in browsers, Opera has the best reputation and track record when it comes to browser security. Keeping our users safe from security vulnerabilities, fraudulent websites, and malicious hackers is a top priority for Opera. Opera is maintained by hundreds of engineers, developers and security experts who are constantly looking to make the browser even safer.

    Q: Doesn’t Opera copy all of their features from other browsers?
    A: Absolutely not. In fact, many of the features that are popular in other browsers today were invented and pioneered by Opera a long time ago. Opera invented the precursor to tabs (in 1994), Page Zoom (1994), was the first browser to block pop-up ads (2000), first to add a Search field in the browser toolbar (2000), Sessions (1996), deleting private data (2000), Mouse Gestures (2000), User JavaScript (2005), BitTorrent support (2005), Widgets (2006), Speed Dial (2007), and much more.

    Q: Does Opera support extensions, such as those found in Firefox?
    A: Much of the functionality provided through Firefox extensions is already built directly into Opera, so you don’t have to download additional extensions in Opera. In addition, Opera is highly customizable and supports all standard plug-ins.

    Q: Can I also use Opera on my mobile phone?
    A: Yes. And your Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or almost any connected device and mobile phones. Opera Mobile oftens comes preinstalled from the manufacturers, but if it doesn’t you can install Opera Mini which runs on nearly all phones.

    anybody who doesn’t use Opera is wasting valuable WebTime

  • a

    I think Opera should be more used. I’ve used all the major browsers and Opera is the best for me. And for a lot of oher people also, if they would just try it.

  • Wildebras

    I think Opera is quite a nice browser and has it’s proper functionality which is lacking in other browsers. To my feeling it is faster than the other ones, definitely than Firefox 3.03 which takes quite a while to connect at the first load.
    It has to be there as a benchmark for the others, competition is always a good thing, definitely in the browser market.

  • Al

    I use the speed dial feature all the time and now use Opera as my main browser and use Firefox as the backup.

  • CaySedai

    I was delighted to find that Opera would run on our old computer with win98. My mom’s computer died and this was all we had to give her. She can browse nearly all the sites she wants – the limitations are due to win98, not Opera. Not everybody can afford the latest and greatest – some have to make do with what still works, despite it all. To find that Opera could accommodate the older computer was wonderful.

  • Peter Hargreaves

    I use Opera as my main browser–even though the latest version has an occasional OS hang. The integration of email with the browser and all the features they have pioneered make it my choice. The only time I use IE is for sites that do not comply with the standards!!

    What would I like to see? Ability to use html formatting (bold etc ) in emails

    Sadly many so-called ’email friendly’ apps don’t make provision for Opera–they concentrate on IE & Firefox.

  • M. Cunningham

    I have been using Opera as my main browser for ages, back when it was still in the1.0’s versions, and there was little competition, except for mainly IE. Over the last 15 years I’ve built litterally hundreds of custom machines for other people and have always used Opera as the main browser on every single one of them. The vast majority of those customers have also praised my choice of Opera as their main browser as well. It’s fast,easy, and well thought-out. It has proven to be virtually unmatched for download speeds for most of the sites that I frequent. I only reluctantly use IE for the sites that don’t comply to the standards, and while I do have virtually all of the other browsers installed on my own machines (4), I still prefer to use Opera almost exclusively.

    It’s unfortunate that it has not become as well known and used as some of the other big name and mediocre browsers are, as it’s overall perfomance, at least in my opinion, far outshines its competition.

  • Wallace C. Olson Jr.

    I have used Opera as main desktop browser and email in Wxx and multiple flavors of Linux since it came out. I paid for it gladly until it went free. It’s innovative, ahead of the curve, accurate, and no ActiveX.

  • Geof Kirby

    I’ve been using Opera for Lord knows how long – at one stage even paying for it. It’s always been streets ahead of the competition for speed, innovation, compliance and compactness. But it’s European and doesn’t have the time or resources to stand up to the noise emanating from the less discriminating promoters of IE and Firefox.

  • Ivo Didov

    OK!!! Yes it’s fast. BUT only if u are browsing basic pages. I mean text and pictures. I was using it as my primary web browser but 10 % from the sites are with errors. So I start to use Firefox as my main browser. I see why is so popular. Because when u download something it’s scanning it. OK but I don’t think that this is so important when I download pictures, mp3-s or docs. I like google chrome, my primary browser now. It’s very simple and useful. I don’t like only the way it downloading directly when u click on some link, but I get use to it. I feel Opera just out of date. I like it, but too many buggy pages. I love the right click navigation and that was one of the reason to stick to it so much time. Now I use it only when I’m browsing materials for my studies, because IS FASTEST BROWSER FOR TEXT PAGES !

  • Adam Gaha

    Opera is my primary browser because it pre-fetches downloads, which is a great advantage over other browsers, expecially when chain downloading.
    As well, it offers more options for pulling metadata and objects from webpages.
    I highly recommend the browser and hope it continues to be developed.