Comcast Needs To Provide Tools For Bandwidth Consumption?

Only a day after giving my thoughts on Comcast releasing their official bandwidth consumption numbers, it seems that others would also like to see them provide tools to ensure our ability to be within compliance with real time stats. Honestly, this seems reasonable, be it not something I might want to be offered by Comcast specifically. Let me explain…

I am hardly the only person out there that would rather not have my ISP installing extra applications onto my machine – any application. And having the ISP provide me with an app to indicate to me when I about to overshoot my allotment for bandwidth seems a bit like the old printer ink controversy to me. So do we really want to put this kind of trust with the Internet gate keepers as we have so blindly done with printer ink? I think not.

No, in my mind I see a more viable solution in simply going with something like NetMeter for Windows.  Mac and Linux users can pop open a console and use Bandwidth Monitor NG. Clearly far from ideal, it does at least ensure users for all platforms are not bound to what ever IE-complaint, hidden motive, piece of software your ISP happens to provide you with. Does it not?

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  • Bryan Price

    Since Comcast is already tracking how much bandwidth I’m “consuming”, why can’t they just tell me that as soon as I’ve signed into

    Tools installed on my coputer to track consumption? What happens if I go to Krystal or Starbucks, or Panera or at a (cheap) motel? What if I’ve got a router and I’ve got a bunch of teenagers running around with their own laptops and wireless devices? What if I have an Xbox360?

    I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General on this matter Oct. 1 when this is actually in place. I’ll gvie till then, because they may actually figure out that they have to.

    I see after reading some of those links, I’m not the only one thinking that way. Sigh.