More iPhone Frustration?

As I sit here listening to the various Gnomedex presentations, one going theme that seems to remain true is the cracks against the latest iPhone release – the 3G. Besides the fact that the commercials are misleading, some people have found themselves so frustrated with the phone’s shortcomings that going with a lawsuit seems to be the only way these individuals are finding any satisfaction with their situation.

Most of you are familiar with my own dissatisfaction with AT&T and their offering of the iPhone, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts. Has the new iPhone 3G met with your expectations? Was the phone worth the money for you or your family? Go ahead and hit the comments, let me know how the iPhone has worked out for you and whether you feel like you ended up with much less than you paid for.

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  • Russ Bradbury

    I have been a mobile phone user in the UK for about 18 years am not a newbie.
    Recently had purchased an iPOD touch and loved the UI.
    So have bought the latest 3G IPHONE and it is simply fantastic!!
    Previously have had..
    Nokias…Sony Ericssons..and numerous others..Usually get a new one each year, and they have all been very clunky and are not in the same league as the iPHONE.
    My iPHONE works fine with Microsoft Exchange running under SBS 2003 no problems.
    Think you guys should concentrate on the many plus points..revolutionary UI.
    Maybe you guys should concentrate on VISTA which is the worst OS I have used in recent history and would prefer to be using Windows 98 instead of that rubbish!!

  • Doug

    The iPhone and phones like it are awesome. Technology is awesome! People need to go with the flow and deal with the quirks of advancing new electronics and computers or curb their desires for instant gratification.