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Even though I use BES (MS Exchange) access for some of my email needs, I am also rocking three separate POP mail accounts on my BlackBerry as well. And if you have a public email address, you know that this means spam. Spam on the Exchange server is not really such a problem, but it is a nightmare on my POP accounts. I have a great two fold solution for dealing with this on my desktop PC, unfortunately it is not working so well as 85% of the POP mail I receive on my BlackBerry is simply junk. It has been so bad, that I have to deal with over 1000 messages in one day. Only 12 of them were legit. Clearly, I needed to rethink some things.

After a little searching, I ended up with a trial copy of the Antair BlackBerry Spam filter. Designed to provide both Bayesian and blacklist options, the program seemed like a good fit for what I was looking for. Once the trial was installed, I was disappointed to see it was both limited with its other functionality in addition to limiting me to 20 recently filtered messages.

On a positive note however, I was frustrated enough to throw caution to the wind and I simply purchased it to see if it was going to do what it promised. To my surprise, it not only filter spam as promised, thus far it has missed ONE message out of hundreds. Best of all, no false positives, either!

Here are some of the features that have sold me on this product:

  1. Contact integration – I have the ability to whitelist everyone in it should I want to.
  2. I can blacklist/whitelist by – email address, domain, server tags or even keywords.
  3. Setting the spam filtering engine is easy – just pick a number.
  4. I am able to check out real time statistics.
  5. The spam box provides me with a means of deleting some or all of the spam as I see fit.
  6. I am able to whitelist mislabeled email from my inbox with a click of my keypad.
  7. Live alerts to spam going to the spam box as they come in.

Here is what I would like to see change:

  1. Providing a trial of the product is great and the price is fair, however handicapping the software to the point of forcing me to buy it to really see what I can do is stupid. Seriously, anyone who has this at full capacity who has been using the trial for 30 days unhindered will buy it when the time is up. Most people will not put up with the current limited trial as it is today however.

That is it, the issue above is my only gripe. Outside of this, I am LOVING this program. It runs well, it does not half-work and it does not fail me like other apps might. While others may see things differently, this is the best money I have ever spend on a spam filtering product. It is working better than other products used on the desktop – now how is that for shocking?

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  1. Andrey Butov says:

    Thank you for the review Matt. We’re glad you’ve found our blackberry spam filter useful.

    We are also taking your reservations about the feature restrictions in the trial version into consideration. We are going to re-evaluate this, and will try to remove most if not all of the feature restrictions in the next release of the product.

    Kind Regards.

    Andrey B.
    Founder, Antair Corp.

  2. lisa says:

    Thank you both for the time to provide this info. I am a new blackberry user and SPAM has been my biggest complaint. You have saved me time!

  3. Brian says:

    You clearly had much better luck with Antair’s filtering than I did. It works well if you receive messages from the same people or same domains all the time, but if you are receiving emails from prospective customers and cannot predict their email address then the filtering seems to be pretty much random. The most effective filtering for this app is the self administered white lists and black lists, the actual intelligence in the app is very, very poor and if you can’t rely on it, you might as well not use it.

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