Kissing XP Goodbye

I don’t believe there is any question that here soon when you use Windows on a PC, it will be Vista. Despite begging and pleading with the Redmond giant, Microsoft has made their thoughts on the matter clear and now closed – there will be no reprieve, XP is a goner.

So this will mean a number of things for those of you using still XP.

  1. Stick with it, then when buying a new PC, try hounding the OEM for downgrade rights to use XP instead of Vista.
  2. Never upgrade, just keep using the same CD that you purchased way back when. When you buy new hardware, be sure to completely eliminate the existing Windows XP install and perhaps, despite me not knowing for sure, you will be in the legal clear to install again on the new hardware?
  3. Go with OS X or Linux. For most people who do not want a lot of unneeded control over their system, OS X is likely going to be the path of least resistance. I personally feel that Linux meets my needs, but that is also because I purchase pre-installed whenever possible.

Will you be holding onto that copy of XP as if it was going out of style? Are you willing to continue fighting for an OS release that frankly, has been put out to pasture? Hit the comments, tell me about your feelings about being forced to make the upgrade or not.

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  • the oracle

    I will hang on to XP for as long as it does the job – until I can no longer accomplish the work I need to get done. As I’ve said before, Vista gives no advantages in its ability to handle hardware or software -now, and when, and if, it does, I’ll think about an upgrade – the time line looks as though Vista will be a skipped revision for me (my copies have never been activated) and I’ll either use ‘7’ or a Unix derivative – the more I look I think FreeBSD will be the one. (Maybe OpenSuSE, but we’ll see)

  • Mike Nelson

    It’s a shame. People are not going to give up their XP without a fight. I have already ordered several new computers from my supplier with XP on them. They don’t get it, MS that is, Vista is just like WinME, and I hear complaints constantly from my customers who has already changed. MS is seriously pushing customers away from them in droves as if they really don’t care. Sooner or later, it is going to effect their bottom line, but I told you so’s are just wasted on the retarded.

  • Ken McAvoy

    Everyone is missing the point. I and others are not so much hanging onto XP but avoiding being forced to update to VISTA.

    Until Microsoft gives me an OS I like and want I will stick with good old XP. I am not really fussed that XP will not ship with new hardware .. I saw this coming and updated all my hardware so expect my OS and PC’s to last at least another 5 years. Hence for me its a non issue I wont be getting VISTA .. I loathe it with a passion.

    A bigger worry for Microsoft is I am an IT Vendor and Support Consultant with 30 years experience. I have told ALL my customers to forget VISTA and that I am not interested in supporting it at all. If XP dies and VISTA is all that is left I will shut up shop and give it away. VISTA has no repair/restore option in it and that is a fundamental flaw with the product. It is too expensive here in Australia and is pathetically slow on good hardware even. I dislike the fact the goods things about XP have been removed and the bad things kept in VISTA.

    I wanted to be supportive of Microsoft but this is a crap O/S and reminds me of ME. ME did not last and spawned 2000 then XP so I am hoping in 3 more attempts Microsoft might produce the next XP which we can all use again. I am most likely dreaming but I can see my days in personal computing coming to a close – its been fun but Microsoft has now officially killed its own golden goose , what management genius is at work ! Good one BIll ..


  • Jim McBride

    Yes, MS will be ending support for XP soon. That is sad for me. But I will not feel any need to upgrade my OS until I can no longer find software that I use (or new software that I may want to try) being made to run on XP. From experience, that does not seem to happen for a couple of years or so after MS has ended their support for the OS, so I feel safe.
    Then, when that couple or more years is over, and the bugs have been worked out of the ‘new’ (by that time, “old”) OS, and the newness has worn off and the price has gone down a little, I then purchase the ‘new’/’old’ OS.

  • Dee101

    On point #2. You can only do this if the WindowsXP copy you have is full retail. These are licensed (as installed) on one machine at a time (not one machine booted up) for that owner. OEM copies are licensed for the machine on which it is originally installed..

  • Bev Chapin

    My first computer ran on DOS 5 off a 5.25″ floppy. I bought the upgrades thru 6.2, skipped Windows 3.1 and learned to handle Win 95, 98, then got stuck with ME on new machine, finally upgraded to XP Home. Next new machine came with XP Media, which is basically XP Pro – what a difference!

    So I’m staying with XP Pro and even laid out the cash for a retail copy of PRO as I expect to build my own machine about this coming Autumn – if I can still squeak out the rest of parts by then. Prices keep rising but income is fixed.

    Given my age (76) I figure I can probably stay on XP the rest of my computing life but I absolutely shall not even try Vista.

    Microsoft adds so much crap to succeeding versions that are little used by millions of us but cannot be separated out – and we, the buyers, let them get away with it. I’m just hoping one day a whole new OS will be written by some brilliant person of vision that will break the hold of Microsoft and put Ballmer and cohorts out of business. I probably won’t be around to see it but I can always dream.

  • leftystrat

    Fortunately it will continue to be sold to the Dells, so their corporate customers can benefit. I believe you can get `downgrade’ installs from them.

    I refer to it as an upgrade but maybe it’s just me.
    All they’re doing, as you stated, is sending people to Mac or linux. I prefer linux.

  • helioguy

    Get over it! Vista is not the devilspawn it’s portrayed as. I use it on two machines at work and on our home computer. It’s more stable than XP was and once you learn the little workarounds it’s a joy to use. I love the aero interface and the search feature is worth the upgrade alone. I have to keep a couple of XP machines for some hardware that doesn’t have Vista drivers but that’s no fault of the operating system. I’m not a MS fanboy but give them a break!

  • Sean

    Kaspersky and the Netgear VPN client got in a fight during the last Kaspersky update about 3 months ago, and frankly, I just didn’t have the time to figure out why my system was black screening after an hour and a half of run time. What made it worse was that I was having issues with MFT corruption which made me decide to shut it off until I could waste a weekend getting it stable enough to get my dev data off it. So, I’ve been running off a W2k3 server for Windowsish stuff and lit up the KDE environment on my Linux test server and found myself spending most of my time on it. Most of the basic stuff is completely covered by Linux, and I’ve been messing around with OSS replacements for some of the complicated stuff.

    Never really intended for things to work out this way, but pressures from work kind of ate into my time and damage control/disaster recovery took over and somehow Linux came out on top. You use the tools you have to get the job done.

    Frankly, I’ve been spending so much time on Remote Desktops of late, that I will probably buy a quad core system to replace the test server which was getting a little slow; load it with plenty of ram and just install XP into a virtual machine and leave it at that. Essentially an X environment with XP running in a window.

    The XP box is finally stable, but I’ll end up wiping it and reinstalling later on. It does well enough for my webdev at this point.

    Vista will arrive into my world some time next year.