Metered Bandwidth – It’s Comcastic!

Comcast never really learns apparently. If you think the issues with Bittorrent blocking were bad, then hearing that anyone using any protocol to use what Comcast deems as “substantial” bandwidth will get your connection added to a blacklist should not come as a total shock. Some of the things you can likely forget about once this goes into affect include:

  • Heavy online gaming – possibly even moderate gaming with first person shooters.
  • Watching video over the Internet, especially with services like AppleTV, Netflix or Vudu.
  • IP phones, potentially even for business users, might become unusable.
  • Oh and I am out for downloading Linux distros. Yes, thanks to blocking bittorrent, I already have the deck stacked against me. But now I may not even be able to download them for reviews thanks to this draconian policy with any protocol.

Because Comcast obviously, lacks the brass to just come out and meter us directly, it seems that they are really working hard to ensure that users such as myself go elsewhere in droves. Shoddy DVRs that need to be exchanged due to bugs every two months, blocking protocols because of abuse by pirates, now metering without actually being clear as to what/when/why the metering/blacklisting will take place is about to go into effect.

You know something, when I move out come the end of July to head back up north, I have decided 150% that I will not be using Comcast for ANYTHING any longer. I fully understand the desire to protect their casual users from bandwidth being drained dry, but this is insane – – we do not even get to know what will get a user blacklisted for Pete’s sake? Thanks but no thanks, you can keep your box, service and awful vision for customer service. I find Comcast has disgusting business practices and my future ISP choices will indeed, be reflecting this belief. While they are free to meter, restrict and do whatever they want, at least do us the courtesy not to lie to us.

Quote from Charlie Douglas, a Comcast spokesman:

We are trying to figure out what do customers want, what techniques need to be in place to create the best user experience.”

Apparently the FCC, various consumer groups and people like me are not screaming loudly enough. We would like to have clear guidelines on WHAT USAGE is going to get us penalized and if possible, not to restrict our choice of what is acceptable to download, view or share. Not everything is bundled by copyrights and patents, guys. Deal with law breaking as it happens, do not dare penalize everyone because it is “easier”, then lie about how your service is faster that DSL. How can it be, as clearly it matters what is being downloaded. If they want to meter me, fine. Give me hard usage numbers! Enough with this cloak and dagger crap.

This has me so angry that if it was not such an amazing hassle with moving soon, I’d just disconnect today. This company’s lack of commonsense leadership sickens me to my very core…

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  • Matt Wilkinson

    It’s more like “CRAPTASTIC”

    My Comcast HSI service has become very fickle and inconsistent lately. I can go for weeks with nary an issue, than have days of horrible performance, with the only “fix” available to me is to power cycle the cable modem every hour.

    The funny thing is, I don’t remember this being an issue a year or two ago. It seems that 2008 has been a bad year for reliable service from them.

    Needless to say, the times I bother to contact support are a joke. I usually just ride things out until the service stabilizes itself. A couple times, I’ve had to pack up and go find a hot spot somewhere. I’m tempted to get a wireless broadband service, but they are expensive and have their own issues, and seeing as how I do most of work from my home office, my only wish is to have rock solid performance and reliability.

    I’ll likely be going with Cox Cable internet service when I move to my new home in Tulsa later this summer. We’ll see how they work. Fingers crossed.

  • Dee101

    I sat in on a Comcast “sales” presentation to a retirement community a while back (I have a lot of customers in that community). The guys spent the whole hourtalking about how people could listen to music and watch movies over the internet.

    Seems strange that they “sell” the service this way and then boot people off for using it.

  • Matt Hartley

    Matt W.: Guess who is moving to a Fiber-ready area. 😉 Ah yeah, Matt H. is available for some FIOS action come this summer! Unrestricted bittorrent and download, no metering or packet shaping, I have researched it and it is basically what Comcrack advertises themselves to be.

  • Matt Hartley

    Dee101: You got that right, that’s for sure.

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