Two-Way Sync Between Outlook And Google Calendar

Ahhh, a big thank you to Google. I can now sync both directions between Outlook 2007 and my Google Calendar account thanks to Google Calendar Sync. Simply install one little program that occupies (another) space in the taskbar, and set it to sync as often as you wish. Simple as that. I like simple.

I just installed the app, specified my Google Apps account (yep, it work with the Apps calendars, too), and everything was perfect. Can’t ask for more than that.

You can set the direction of information flow (from Google Calendar to Outlook, from Outlook to Google Calendar, or both directions), as well.

Quick, useful, easy, and it just works. This whole mobility concept is starting to become more and more usable and seamless. Nice.

  • Dan

    It appears to work, but the setup is to complicated for most people. Most people do not want to have to type long urls into the setup for internet calendars in Outlook 2007, even if the can find where to get it from in Google.