Epson MovieMate 50

There should be an image here!The Epson MovieMate 50 is the ultimate high-definition projector, DVD, and music player combo. Epson MovieMate 50 takes big-screen entertainment to a new level with precision WVGA resolution.

This all-in-one product includes a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and dual 8W Dolby 5.1 DTS stereo speakers. You can project images up to eight times larger than on a 40″ wide-screen TV. The MovieMate 50 works with your Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, or Microsoft Xbox 360 video game system for more entertainment options. Simply plug it in and let the fun begin.

Special price: $699.95 + shipping

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  • bern muller

    This unit is a loser on at least two levels. It is NOT high resolution. And it is not bright enough. At a resolution of 854×480 and 1000 lumens. You can get a better projector 1024×768 and 2500 lumens for the same price and enjoy a much better image. The only thing going for this unit is the combined DVD player. you can use the DVD player already in your computer or the one you have had for years in your living room.

    The ad is a bit deceptive. This unit will NOT do “high definition” in any way shape or form