Comcast – Losing Subscribers And Ticking Off Users

Even though I understand the Comcast argument regarding restricting BitTorrent users, the idea of kicking people out the door who choose to legally purchase and download movies makes me VERY angry. Then again, give them five years and we will see their attitude biting them in the butt. How? Simply because they know full well things are going to be getting crowded here in the not too distant future…or will it? Is this a symptom of a larger issue?

Running out of broadband, we’re going to crash! 

It seems that the one liberal SpeakEasy has been said to limit you at a measly 100GB of bandwidth, although you will not likely find it here. I suppose the actual number could vary depending on the experience of other customers. Great for Grandma, but should you wish to participate in the ‘broadband experience’ like online videos, purchasing Vongo movies, or anything that makes Comcast twitch is strictly use at your own risk at this point.

Looks like all you can eat broadband is gone forever. Too bad, but then again, I am not as affected by this as some of those who might be using iTunes to watch TV. Because it means downloading a lot of legal content and apparently, ISPs are just confident in their infrastructures as they once were.

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  1. Silverlokk says: — check out the graph and weep. Japan’s download speeds are 30x those in the US. Bottom line is that Comcast et al should have more bandwidth but for some mysterious reason don’t. Or the reason might not be that mysterious — a study I read *about* (haven’t read it myself) says that US telcos received subsidies for 10 years, the agreement being that they would provide high-speed Internet to US households. 2Mbps, while high-speed, is pathetic compared even to your neighbors just north.