Sending Press Releases To Editors

Samantha Krieger of Just Say Yes asked if editors prefer to receive press releases by e-mail or by mail. The following is my response:

It depends on the editor. My recommendation is to create a column in your editor contact list for “Preference” or something like a “Notes” column. Then go to their Web sites to see if their About or submission information page says anything about how they prefer to receive news and press releases. Note this in the new column.

If this information doesn’t appear — editors do accept releases in e-mails — but typically, they prefer it in the body of the email instead of as an attachment. So I believe you’re fine in using e-mail pending you enter the right text in the Subject field and put all of the contents in the body.

I’ve received news and press releases both ways. Honestly, it doesn’t impact my decision. It’s the content that matters. If someone sends me something about cats, that’s a guaranteed rejection. After all, where have you seen me cover cats?

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