Lazy Geek's Guide To Moving?

It’s taken me a bit, but I think I have it figured out. All a geek is really concerned about possession-wise is their computer equipment. So in reality, the idea of renting a dump truck with a portable conveyor belt going upward inside of the truck would be just the ticket.

As I sit here thinking about the amount of packing I have yet to still get done before I am ready to move, the idea of just tossing it over the side of a dump truck honestly doesn’t seem so bad.

So what do you think? Could technology come to the rescue to make moving easier here in the near future? Or instead, will it still be the same hassle it has been for the last few hundred years? You decide.


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  1. David Ritter says:

    Hey Matt,

    How about how a geek packs.
    My computer equipment does not go in the truck,
    It get seatbelted into the front seat of the car, and it the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked.

  2. David says:

    YES, you will have to drudge your way to packing into boxes and then packing them into a moving vehicle.
    BUT, you can still be GEEK about it. Number the boxes .. 1’s are for front room , 2’s for bed room, etc. a Letter sub-set for contents. Aka.. 1A is front room books… and so forth. THIS gives you your geek factor because you can put the info into a FILE on your PDA or “what have you” and be able to know Exactly What is in each and every box and were it GOES.

    Added bonus…… GIVES you a “double-check” on the success of the move. What boxes were left behind by the movers…. IF a box got damaged in transit, what the contents were, and their replacibility.

  3. Jason says:

    How about using email to contact you favorite moving company? That’s putting technology to work to make moving easier.

  4. Richard Custodian says:


    Get the part into boxes that double for furniture, then when moving the furniture use a 2 wheel dolly into the dump truck.

    this way it is also easier to set up in new place of residence. OOPs