Best Gadgets, Widgets, Etc. And Why?

Today I have a request for you. I want to know which Vista, OS X or Google Gadgets/Widgets you think are the coolest and why. I am doing some research and would truly value the input of my trusted Lockergnome community on this matter. And if simply find yourself being one of those who really don’t care about such things, then I’d love for you to talk about specific applications instead and why you cannot live without them instead.

My goal is to get a better grasp on what works and what is not working in this arena. Across the board, I feel like usability in tech has been completely left behind and am investigating ways to fix this. This includes OS’, hardware, consumer devices, and so on. But for this experiment, I am simply looking for applications and widgets, nothing more.

Please just post your thoughts in the comment area as email is only for direct questions or other unrelated comments. Thanks everyone and have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Bruce

    There is a one and only first download once any windows is loaded as far as I’m concerned , if you don’t have it burned to disk or such, TweakUI . If you don’t have it on your machine, you are not in real control, in my mind . And it’s free and uber-tested to be sure it works the way it should . What more could you ask for ?

  • P J Thomas

    Hey Matt,
    I create a lot of folders trying to keep track of all of the odds and ends and photos I’ve got.
    BAxBEx Software has little program called bxnewfolder_v100. Fast, easy, it’s one of the 1st things I install. Wish they had a Linux version!


  • peter

    Liked the looks of Vista gadgets, but since that OS dont work, and its gadgets did have a tendency to hang up qite often, I am quite happy right now with Win XP and Google Desktop or Yahoo Widgets (those work, one setup on my desktop, another on my “mobile” comp (its rather huge…))

  • Basil

    I’ve got Google desktop, with a date/time gadget, news ticker, and weather gadget. I also run Yahoo Widgets and use the Weather widget and 2 other widgets for showing my public IP and the IP of my VPN connection.

  • Elliott

    Running Vista Ultimate on Dell XPS 410 with minimal problems. I wish that Microsoft and hardware providers would get the software/hardware compatibility bumped up. My $450 Epson Perfection 2450 scanner and my Olympus C-3030 software won’t run under Vista. For now, I am running XP on my notebook which allows me to use the scanner, and the Dell came with a smart card reader so I can download from the camera memory card.
    Best sidebar gagets: Multimeter (monitors cpu’s and ram), Slide Show it’s great to see old favorite pictures pop up. I also use Feed Headlines, Stocks, and Weather (I live in AZ, so am interested in temperature).