It's Back – Linux Fanatics Part Deux

It took some time and a whole lot of love for the various distributions, but after working on some logistical issue with Chris Pirillo, considering my options with trying to launch, we have instead opted to relaunch Linux Fanatics with me at the helm.

The most recent articles are up and I will be putting up new how-to content on a near daily basis. Chris and I believe this will help to take on the desire to get Linux questions answered, but to do so in a dedicated channel, much like we have Windows Fanatics.

So if you have questions regarding Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Simply Mepis, Linspire/Freespire or PCLinuxOS, don’t hesitate to ask so we can get your questions answered over at Linux Fanatics.

Still want more? Keep up with Matt’s latest thoughts over at his own Lockergnome Blog!

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  • mark simko

    Well, I was hoping to get subscribed to Linux Fanatics, as I was subscribed to the old one. Too bad that after 5 minutes of searching, I cannot find the subscribe page.

    Neither can I find where to log in, if that is what is necessary to change my subscriptions.

    This site has gotten way to confusing.

    Too bad.

    Good luck


  • Matt Hartley

    Thankfully, we are working on a redesign, rest assure that I agree with you about the subscription link be difficult to locate. For now, goto
    The top right, look for small text box next to “join”. Enter your email address and watch for the FeedBurner pop-up asking you to verify. :)

  • John Clark

    How on earth does one subscribe to the new Linux 2 ? I couldn’t find anywhere to sign up. I already have the Windows and IT versions.
    J. Clark

  • Matt Hartley

    Hi John. I hear ya and it is supposed to be addressed in the next template revision. That said, which email client do you use? I have an idea that might make this easier for everyone in the meantime. :)

    Seriously, this is my new mission, to get this fixed for everyone.