Quest Offering EVDO – Is This Of Value?

Let me be clear right off the bat – EVDO rocks, pure and simple. There is nothing cooler than being in the middle of nowhere, fighting the urge to check your email on the ‘ol notebook and to be able to scratch this itch with utter simplicity. But when I hear that Quest is looking to get into the mix, I have to ask – why do I care? To me, it is like buying a computer from the Home Depot. Sure, you can certainly buy the product from them, but I would PAY to see someone from one of their stores trying to explain to me why it takes an hour to install select Vista printer drivers…now that is entertainment!

But I digress. Why in the world would I bother to purchase EVDO from Quest when I can simply purchase it from carriers that actually have experience answer my specific questions should an issue come up? Just buy the darn thing from Sprint and be done with it, you know?

Maybe I am just not seeing the value here; is it the “nicety” of having everything Internet related on one bill? To me, this seems like a really stupid reason to put up with customer service reps that may not be trained well with EVDO questions. What do you think? Have I finally fried my mind’s main circuit board? Or could it be, that I have a valid point here? You be the judge.

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  • Edward Darlow

    I dont work at Office Depot, but I wonder where you get off making a comment that inplys that all OD employees do not understand computers, or that your knowledge is so vast that you would be entertaiend listening to them explain something? When did a simple technician become so arrogant? I am not religious, byt maybe you should try learning some humility!

    Ed Darlow

  • Matt Hartley

    Ed…say it with me – **HOME** Depot. You know, the place where you would buy lumber, carpet, paint, etc – not an office supply store, where I went to today to get some supplies. Please, re-read the column. 😉 As for me poking fun at them (again, Home Depot). I only do so as they are not in the computer business. Makes sense that they would know very little about this subject matter as it is not their expertise. And lastly, I was taking a stab at Vista and their printer drivers. You did read the article, right? If you missed the Home vs Office part, no hard feelings. I have done this sort of thing myself. :)

  • susann

    When you’re using an EVDO data card – can you send documents to your wifi printer ? Anyone know how that would work ?