Microsoft – The Hits Just Keep Coming

I have to admit, Microsoft has really taken a beating lately on the security front. But in the Vista sense, the worst I have heard of thus far with regard to actually “doing damage” to your PC was the silly ANI exploit. So even with all of the crap being flung at Redmond in the past few weeks, I have to give it up to Microsoft for handling things a lot better than it was just a couple of years ago.

I am happy to see most of these vulnerabilities not turning into full blown issues just yet, but even so, it is a reminder that we are all at risk for some of the Internet’s little “nasties.” And thus far, I believe that in general we are going to see more issues across the board and less directed at just one OS. Why? Because of the logic in more widespread attacks. With the adoption of alternatives to “just Windows,” those looking at a maximum footprint would do well to branch out a little bit.

Another item of interest for me personally is the increasing attraction of mislabeling security threats. I know, it sounds insane, but trust me when I tell you that I have seen what I believe to be evidence that is could be happening. And while I am unable to elaborate on the specifics, I can tell you that the way some security companies label what is a threat and what isn’t is disturbing to say the least. Don’t believe everything you read and if the software seems to be protecting you from “threats” that have never been an issue in the past, consider the investment in getting you concerned enough to buy their products when the previous version of the same software was protecting you just fine. To quote a phrase from The Matrix: “There is no spoon.”

I’m not saying that you should live obliviously to real security threats. After all, you should be proactive and aware of issues that could bring your PC to its knees with the proper force. Just really examine everything you read from “the experts” before buying into these sources that present the information. In other words, what’s their motivation? Are they a non-profit looking to enrich your life? Or instead, is a more secure environment with few exploits and concerns counteractive to their business model. I have no interest in getting people to jump onto the paranoid express here. Rather, looking at helping you to read between the lines…

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