I'm A Subscriber – Are You?

Today, Democracy Player is closer than ever to rolling out version 1.0. Much like the challenges that Firefox once faced, keeping things moving takes money – especially when it comes to compensating programmers. Granted, this is an open source project, but do not mistake open source as being “free” of charge. It may be free to download and use, but it will also means that someone is paying in one form or another.

Here is where you come in. Should you choose to join me in supporting one of my favorite projects with a whopping five dollars USD a month via PayPal, you will be helping me to ensure that all of us have an outlet in which we can express ourselves using IPTV any time we choose. DTV is a fantastic application with a very bright future ahead of it. I can not express enough how invaluable this app is in light of DRM, rootkits and other forms “malware”.

Don’t feel like subscribing outright? Fair enough, consider making a one time donation to help this great program continue. Subscribing funds will go to hiring a programmer for the app and to make sure that IPV remains available for all platforms; not just those of a closed source nature. DTV needs all of us to help. I subscribed, did you?

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  1. Cliff says:

    I downloaded Democracy Player from their site and found Symantec blocking VirusBurst as a security issue. Sounds suspiscious.


  2. Matt Hartley says:


    You understand what is wrong with that entire statement, right? You are concerned about a program, built on Mozilla technology, which is open source. This means the code is open to inspection. And the fact that your software is flagging something run by a tax deductible non-for-profit org speaks volumes of the software you are trusting to protect your machine.

  3. janet says:

    We use the NullSoft installer, which was being flagged by Symantec as containing VirusBurst. This occurred from Mar 25th – Mar 26th when it was then corrected by Symantec. Try again, maybe?

  4. Hal Gottfried says:

    I gave this to you on Twitter too about 10 minutes after you asked. Damn it, I thought I had it first.

  5. Thanks! – Made my day!


  6. Thanks! – Made my day!

  7. If you fullscreen mail, the message still does the overlay and flies up and off the screen even after running this… sadface. No Lion, I want sadface to be once word please.

    Edit: Ah, don’t fullscreen and it DOES work as it did before.

    Any way to get all pertinent info onto 1 line instead of 3 lines? Seems ridiculous that they broke it up like that.

  8. It seems you’re correct. Full-screen Mail adheres to the way the iPad works. I’m guessing there’s an additional switch to toggle for this mode. Maybe I’m the only Mac user on the planet who doesn’t really use full screen mode even when its advantageous?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Or maybe it would annoy you that when you put Mail into full screen mode, it won’t allow you to do anything on your other 30″ monitor!

  10. Joe Ferrante says:

    defaults write com.apple.Mail DisableSendAnimations -bool YES