Spam: How Do You Fight Back?

Let’s be honest here, we have lost the battle with spam. That’s it, toss in the towel, the war is over. But for those of us left fighting considering our reliance on email, what tools are best to combat this problem? Anyone with a clue realizes that blacklisting solutions are not very effective. So this leaves us to looking at options like the Spam Cube and the Spam Stick.

I must admit, I can’t help but feel the Spam Stick might be a more effective than other more commonly used alternatives. It would prove therapeutic to make stabbing motions at your monitor when the overpriced options many of us have tried thus far continue to fail. It may not stop spam, but it might make you feel like you are fighting back on some level.

So what do you think? Which anti-spam options have you found to be effective? I have a 98.27% success rate with filtering provided with POPFile (trained) and Pirillo is a fan of SpamBayes using similar technology. Do you believe hardware solutions such as the Spam Cube could be a happy medium for most common email users? Hit the comments, let’s talk about it.

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  • John T. McClanaghan

    Just take the war up to a new level.

  • Jim Rossi

    I have won the war on spam using Yahoo’s Address Guard.
    I created a spam free inbox in MS Outlook that filters everything out.
    If an address gets spam delivered to it, I delete it and change it.
    My Outlook address book has data on who has what address.
    I can easily search and notify appropriate people of any changes.
    Currently I have about 170 addresses. Each on line vendor has their own. If anyone passes out an address, it’s clear who did it.

  • David

    Lockergnome’s emails are always caught in my POBOX.COM spam filter.

    I release and whitelist the address, but the return email address for Lockergnome appears to change with every email.

    Listed below are the last three return email addresses from Lockergnome:


    I have whitelisted 28 separate Lockergnome email addresses in the last 30 days.

    Do you think maybe this is why spam filters don’t work well? Why not get your act together and use ONE return email address?

  • Brett K.

    I’ve really started to like ASSP a LOT. I activated delaying (grey listing) and it works great! I’ve received 1 spam in the last day (used to get hundreds every day). Any one else have any experience with ASSP?

  • Wayne

    How about putting our tax dollars to work and trying “Law Enforcement”. It’s a tired song to say, but hey these guys are “overseas” and there is nothing we can do. As many studies show a third of world spam comes from the good old USA. We’ve spent millions/billions on computers for the FBI and other crime fighting institutions with no results to show for it. I’ve documented over a thousand spam sites to “[email protected]” to no avail. I’ve sent phishing sites by the hundreds to Castlecops and Spam Cop who take credit “for shutting down these sites”, but let’s be honest these guys move on to a new site every few hours anyway. Until someone has the smarts and the guts to put some of these guys out of business this thing will continue to prey on us. The big AV companies including M$ offere a panacea and discourage law enforcement because its big business for them. The big companies that are hurt, like RIAA, get law enforcement, but the little guy gets no protection. What’s our consitution say “all men are created equal”…I guess I learned it wrong….and what’s even more ironic is the way big IT companies (aka Google) are so concerned about obeying Chinese laws while Chinese companies blatant ignore our federal spam laws!!!??? Maybe we should all go bad ? there’s big money in illegal spam and no risk of any law enforcement!!!!!

  • Deron Funk

    The best method for beating spam, hands-down…get a new email address :-)

  • radio

    I’ve been running ASSP for almost 3 years at work, it works incredibly well and you can’t beat the price… Free
    It’s not for desktops, it’s for your mail server, and it will run on pretty much any OS that can run Perl

    version 1.3.0 should be released any day now:

  • Hogan

    It makes me laugh at how many people are drivin to spend with FEAR tactics and then end up with some silly device claiming to eliminate spam, meanwhile they are still downloading the crap from their mail server, this is just an over glorified filter, and the Spam Cube is just one of those items. I myself have NO problem with SPAM, I run my own mail server running MDaemon and I create my own algorythims, they spammers are dropped right at the SMTP connection to the server, NO WASTE OF BANDWIDTH! I also have an ASTARO SMTP ANTI-Spam Gateway and I will tell you, MDAEMON is MUCH more efficient and much more cost effective. Problem is most end users would not have a clue on how to set up their own mail server, and even if they could, most ISP’s block Port 25 traffic on rez accounts., so your own ISP’s are making hard for you cause they want your MONEY! Selling you half baked solutions that DO NOT WORK! I am finding that more and more people are starting to learn the ways of and other dynamic hosting platforms that allow someone to setup their own mail servers and now with flavours of LINUX being freely available it is even easier. If you really want to take a bite out of spam feel free to contact me and I would be happy to send you a step by step guide on how to set up your own mail server, FREE OF CHARGE! [email protected]

  • John T. McClanaghan

    This is a response to
    Wayne – March 28, 2007 @ 10:30 am

    Wayne, name one government program that is well managed? Trusting the government to enforce SPAM legislation is like trusting a monkey with a loaded pistol.