A Brave Man, Indeed

Wow, talk about guts! Speaking as someone who enjoys an hour or two of specific TV programing a day, taking this kind of plunge sounds a little too “life changing for me”. By the same token, it does make a guy wonder if we collectively watch too much TV and perhaps, could do with a little bit of a deficit in this area?

Stepping into In2TV, iTunes and other options exclusively, could help people to ween off of the mother known as cable television after a few months of trial and error. Then again, it requires some fairly major changes in where and how one watches TV.

I guess it’s not so bad with a Media Center option or even a pre-built MythTV box. But short of that, I don’t see watching TV on a personal computer or notebook as being seriously viable in my option. Think I am wrong, hit the comments and tell me about it.


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  • FrEaKiT

    When I first moved out, all I had was my computer. I did not have enough money to buy a TV, but my computer had a TV tuner in it. So I used my computer as my TV and DVD player :) When the cable guy came to set up my cable, I pointed to the computer when he asked me about my TV. He thought I was joking and he was leery about doing the installation.

    When my friends would come over and we would watch TV on the computer, watch movies on the computer, and play Xbox on the computer, they are all amazed :)

    But now that I have a TV, DVD player, and surround sound, I have not used my computer for any media purposes… Other than background music during parties or when playing Xbox.

  • Rick Russell

    My wife and I are about to move, and when we do, we’re going with a 1080p DVI-capable LCD flat panel TV and a Mac Mini. We’re going to drop all our TV subscriptions (unless we need a basic feed to get broadband) and buy a couple of iTunes season passes for shows we actually want to watch.