Wi-Fi And EMF Sensitivity

When we first hear about the very idea of Wi-Fi becoming a possible threat, many of us find ourselves tempted to dismiss the very notion as absurd. I mean, it’s just Wi-Fi and how much EM could this honestly be producing anyway, right?

Now, I am certainly not qualified to offer an “informed” opinion on this with the limited information that I have before me. But based on the kind of power involved with the consumer level router itself, I am just not buying it on a personal level.

All right, let’s take this up a notch. The article does offer a “test” that any average person can try. I am not convinced that this test will produce a proof-positive result per se, however it might prove amusing if nothing else.

What do you think? Could Wi-Fi really be a danger thanks to the perceived phenomenon known as EMF sensitivity? You be the judge!

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  • Peter Standish

    Hi Matt,

    Seems like we keep hearing these ideas all the time – first it was power lines then mobile phones… next, please.

    On another matter, what has happened to the Lockergnome Linux Newsletter? Like you, I am an Ubuntu user and love getting the info I used to receive…

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jim

    I find I’m sensitive to WiFi and also mobile phone radiation in that I get headaches and dizziness as well as unusual skin sensations. I think it might have something to do with the frequency these devices use which is usually 1-2Ghz, but possibly also the mode of transmission may play a role (ie. the type of signal, eg. analogue vs digital). It does seem that some people are more sensitive than others and perhaps most people don’t have a problem at all (the WHO estimates 3% of the world’s population as being electrosensitive, although the electrosensitivity phenomena extends beyond just microwave radiation exposure and has not yet been proven as far as I’m aware). It’s been known since the early days of radar that humans are sensitive to microwaves, even at levels below what is required for significant heating to result. The causal process is not properly understood. Sensitivity to microwaves was recognised by scientists in the former Soviet Union, but in the West research focussed on net thermal effects to exposed tissue and organs. Exposure standards for the plethora of electrical devices using microwaves that have been developed in the West have been determined primarily on ensuring net thermal effects are insignificant. I think we will get a much clearer idea of what is going on in the next few years, but it will be a very contentious issue because of the immense revenues of the wireless industry. It’s probably wise to minimise exposure or avoid it if possible.

  • C.Sharer

    Like most people I thought “electrosensitivity” was just a myth. That was until I installed a Wi Fi connection to my PC and Laptop. When the Wi-Fi is on, I get a numbness in one side of my face, a strange tingling in my tongue and teeth, a slight headache, and some blurring of my vision in my right eye. I have also now become sensitive to my DECT phone! However. not to my mobile phone – but I don’t use it much anyway. The Wi-Fi box is downstairs – I am upstairs.

    I never expected Wi-Fi to be a problem to me. Never even gave it a moment’s thought until I started to experience these odd symptoms. When the Wi-Fi is off these symptoms gradually subside.

    I have now had to resort to using my old modem to connect to the internet – very annoying as I really need to use both laptop and PC at the same time – the reason I got the Wi-fi in the first place!

    What is going on here? How can I propect myself from the Wi- Fi?

    Cheers C Sharer

  • Kyrie

    I also have problems with wifi. I cannot sleep, hear a constant ringing, and feel slight headaches. When weather is humid, it is worse. I have 5 to 6 wireless networks from all of my neighbors homes, It is a real phenomenon.

  • Cyn

    Looking at the issue scientifically, why wouldn’t a body be sensitive to EMF? We are sensitive to sunlight which is only a visible form of radiation. Many processes are triggered when our skin or eyes are exposed to sunlight. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. So what if it doesn’t happen to you or to me? Does that make it false? My step-dad stopped wearing watches because he had “a problem with static electricity” which would cause his watches to stop ticking. The fact that I have never caused a watch to stop ticking does not mean that it doesn’t happen. It is arrogant to say, “Only what I experience is real and legitimate.” Sounds very adolescent, ego-centric to me. You are scientifically-minded, which means you are open-minded to logical and methodical reasoning. You can acknowledge the effects of the unseen in this universe. Energy can take the form of matter (photons). I think we need to be aware of the EMF and other radiation around us whether they affect our body or not.

  • http://www.safewireless.org sar

    I didn’t use to think I was electrosensitive. But when I started college a wireless network was installed in my dorm with 2 huge 5GHz antennas on each floor. I got insomnia and headaches from using my computer. Eventually now, I can’t stand fluorescent lights without getting nauseous and headachy (and depressed). When the people in the next room in the dorm (whom I can hear all the time talking) use WiFi or cell phones, I feel even worse…now even when I use my laptop on battery with ethernet i get a slight headache; when i use it while it is charging, the headache is worse. One thing I found that works though–reduces the amount of sleep I need from 9 to 6 hours–is to wear a radiation-blocking veil during sleep. But man, electrosensitivity is so annoying!!!! Die WiFi!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nabil Hijazi

    Since I installed a powerfull wi-fi 2.5 GH modem & a wireless router in my house my life turned to hell!! , I get headachs ,dizziness,lack of energy,weak muscles,memory problems ,pins in the head feeling ,my eyes seems to pup out and I am not the same person at all and I feel depressed. But when I go to my weekend house on the beach all syptoms are gone and I am back the same old me !!!!!

  • Danielle

    Nabil, I have had the same symptoms, and also combined with unexplained immune system issues such as hives/excsma and swollen lymph nodes. That pins int eh head feeling you describe is the worst, it is like a “rushing’ feeling in the brain.

    Well, at least now I have removed wifi from my home and the symptoms are resolving themselves. The rushing feeling leaves immediately upon turning the wi fi off.

    I hope that it didn’t do any permanent damage to my young children or myself. I wonder why we aren’t told about this before we all go and blindly sign up for wi fi internet.

    It sucks that I now have a sensitivity that manifests itself everytime I drive past a phone tower (truly, I don’t even have to see it to know it is there, i can feel the rushing in my head).

  • Henry

    I had some WIFI devices running in my house without problem for about a year, then I bought one more device which uses the WIFI (remote media player) and installed in my bedroom. Since I started using it on I got a headaches. When I did turned it off all went to normal. I stopped using WIFI and replacet by internet over powerline. Unfortunatelly in my new neigbourhood BTS antenas were installed and I feel often without energy, like burned-out since then.

  • Annie

    I also never expected a problem with wifi when my husband set it up but both he and I can tell when it’s on and when it isn’t. It makes me feel sick and nauseous and headachy and irritable. If I’m near the modem when it is on, I get numbness on the side nearest it. I hate how it makes me feel and it makes me angry that these people who think they are ‘scientific’ dismiss these ill effects. I did the mobile phone trial that ran at Kings College and I could tell easily whether the phone was on or not but my results got subsumed in the whole and the researchers obviously wanted to say my results were just chance. It will be worse when we all have these wifi smart energy meters in our home as the government has just announced. I will have to take up living in a tent. It is so undemocratic.

  • Harrison

    It’s nice to see a few fellow sufferers (though in truth I wish no one had this sensitivity.
    My headpain started with the awareness of longer phone calls (10 minutes or more on my cell), and when I stopped using it, the pain stopped. Then headpain started in again and it was the Wi-fi network at starbucks and the book store, etc that was causing it. Easy enough to track it. Exposure…pain. No exposure…no pain.
    So then my school decided to install it and I did quite a bit of research to raise awareness about the hazards of long term exposure to low levels of non-ionizing radiation. I offered tons of articles and papers widely accepted in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, and Canada which were calling for the Precautionary Principle–meaning, since we really can’t say for sure that this level of radiation is safe, why don’t we err on the side of precaution and using it sparingly, and certainly not on children and pregnant women. But alas, it’s too late for the US in this regard. We have to learn the hard way and allow big business to set the standards for public health, instead of allowing good science to do so, as is the case in many of the above countries’ cities.

    I have an Electrosmog Meter which has proved amazingly useful in keeping me aware of what kind of field I’m in.
    Anything over 200M/v/m is too much and gives me the head pain, and I suspect it does the same for most of you folks who are sensitive as well.

  • bammbamm

    2.4 GHz radiation de polymerises tubulin in your cells- specifically in your Neurons, which have huge clusters of microtubules. That’s what you feel when your neurons conduits start falling apart inside your cells.

    Electronic engineers don’t understand biology – fact.

    I should know – I’m both a biologist and an electronic engineer.

    WiFi is dangerous, and will be banned.

  • Patty

    Amen to that last statement

  • SteveW

    I’m also glad to see that people are speaking out about something that is causing problems to so many, but is also dismissed by so many.

    Smoking was in the same situation a few decades ago, but currently no-one would call you a hypercondriac if you said it was harming you.

    Personally I became electrosensitive after having a servere electric shock. Since then I have suffered from various symtoms when around switching power supplies (in plasma tv’s etc) , cell phones, wifi etc.

    My symptoms include tititus, nausia, fatigue, blured vision, and uncontrolled muscle twitches in the part of my body nearest the device.

    Because I live in a highly populated area, it’s becoming more dificult to insulate myself from the effects of other peoples electric and mobile devices.

    I’m starting to think I’ll have to live in a cave somware, because the constant barage of information being transmitted in our modern world is making me I’ll. I also get pretty mad when people think this problem is not real. One thinks for sure, they would quickly change their mind if they developed it.