Wi-Fi And EMF Sensitivity

When we first hear about the very idea of Wi-Fi becoming a possible threat, many of us find ourselves tempted to dismiss the very notion as absurd. I mean, it’s just Wi-Fi and how much EM could this honestly be producing anyway, right?

Now, I am certainly not qualified to offer an “informed” opinion on this with the limited information that I have before me. But based on the kind of power involved with the consumer level router itself, I am just not buying it on a personal level.

All right, let’s take this up a notch. The article does offer a “test” that any average person can try. I am not convinced that this test will produce a proof-positive result per se, however it might prove amusing if nothing else.

What do you think? Could Wi-Fi really be a danger thanks to the perceived phenomenon known as EMF sensitivity? You be the judge!

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