Further Comcast Feedback

Looks like I am not the only person with some strong feelings about receiving the best broadband connection possible. Below are the responses from my last Comcast article:

Vincent writes-

Hi Matt,
I am currently receiving 15Mb from CableVision’s Optimum OnLine. They upped the speed this past fall. The Cost is around $45. Since I have this company for Data, Telephone and Television the exact cost is $160 a month for all three.

Tim writes-

Hi Matt,
I have had Comcast/AT&T for many years and I have always been impressed with the download speed. I currently get sustained downloads of 600 KB to 1.1 MB.
(Yes, those are kilobytes and megabytes, not bits). The advertised rate is 6 Mbps, it seems like I get double that.

Mike writes-


Thanks for the heads-up on Comcast. I am, as you can see, a Comcast
subscriber for both TV and internet and I’ve really been rather pleased with them.

I have the 8Mbit connection and here in Marietta, GA (‘burb of Atlanta) it’s hardly
ever down.

Is that speed increase for real? Did you friend have any idea what the pricing
is going to be? It’d be nice to see my price drop to come in line with what Verizon is offering.

And it sure would be nice if Comcast would offer static IP’s to consumer accounts.

Now THAT is an announcement I’d like to hear!

Keep up the great work!

Jeff writes-

Only two caveats – The speed increase is fine IF it’s either (A) Free or (B) A choice, not something they shove down your throat.

Mark writes-

Hi Matt,
Comcast 2.0 sound great. Where is your hometown? Where is it being rolled out?


Albert writes-

Well in NJ I have optimum online boost at 30MB download. I agree the speed is better, Verizon can’t even come close to this. Plus an added bonus is that they have opened up port 80 for hosting your own server.

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  • tim

    The Comcast DVR is a strange beast. Honestly I have it only for HD as continue to use my Tivo for DVR purposes. Don’t even get me started on how I was bascially forced to accept the DVR to get HD but Comcast said it was possible but not likely that I could do that!! Reminds me of the days when Japanese cars were all imported and while you could review the options list, you had take ’em like they were shipped. Anyway, the Comcast DVR box stinks. It is very slow and very hard to aim the remote just right to get it to respond. It is extremely frustrating to change channels. When I have experimented with the DVR functions to back up or pause, typically the box does not respond quickly or at all. I really don’t like it except for the HD.

  • http://goodallsolutions.spaces.live.com Douglas W. Goodall

    I have both Comcast HSI and HD video with DVR. I have been using it for several weeks and so far I am very happy. For a few days after I switched from Dish Network, I found the remote sort of clumsy, but I have gotten used to it. My high speed internet is superb and I am actually getting the 6.0mb I paid for. Entire DVDs download in several hours instead of all night and half of tomorrow, which was my experience with Verizon DSL.

    From my experiences so far, I would recommend Comcast HSI and HD digital video. I enjoy it every day. I wish the hard driver were larger, but that day will come.