Smack Down PC Therapy

Those new MacBook notebooks look pretty sweet right now. Oh sure, buying a new notebook is not really a needed thing right now. Still, I would certainly not mind using one with a dual-boot running OS X and Windows XP. The specs are attractive enough and I would even consider it a nice change from my typical everyday notebook usage.

In reality, the only concern that would prevent me from going full stream ahead to the MacBook Pro versus MacBook would be the understanding what the actual battery life is. With the Pro’s offered screen size, I am concerned about the provided battery life being pretty poor.

On the desktop front however, I would not really have a need to drop Windows just yet. Besides still being pretty dependent on specific Windows based software for a variety of projects, I have recently become hooked on a new PC repair simulator that I have been feeling pretty good about. The simulator’s entire display is 100% interactive, so give it some clicks and let me know how the repair goes, fair enough?

It’s true, most of the time repairing computers totally lacks the “tactile feedback” that people such as myself have come to expect. The simulator linked above pretty much nails it on the head I believe. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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