A Real Pleasure To Work With

Received a call from my mom’s bookstore the other day. Apparently a customer had been toying around with some PC security tools prior to coming over there and now they could not connect to the free WiFi for the life of them.

Unlike many people in this situation however, the man involved understood what he had done and quite frankly, accepted it gracefully. He was a pleasure to assist and this allowed us to put our heads together in an effort to find a workable solution that would allow him to enjoy our free WiFi. After going through a list of troubleshooting possibilities, I then asked him if he tried connecting to a wired LAN since the connectivity event. He told me that had and without any success.

Being a power user like myself, he explained that he did not have Windows System Restore running as he liked to keep a firm handle on the services he has running. Thinking we might have a clue there, I asked him to read to me all of the services that were currently disabled – everything checked out.

OK, as you might have guessed, options were beginning to wear pretty thin. After trying the last couple of ideas that I had, we finally settled on having him try a quick fix with WinSock XP Fix. After listening to my line of thinking carefully, he seemed to agree.

At this point however, he needed to go. The gentleman had a firm grip on what the next plan of attack was and with that, we parted words.

So, how did it turn out? Not sure yet, but one thing is for sure: if more people were that easy to work with, I would have never left PC Repair.

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