Giving New Ideas A Chance

Lately I have found myself wondering what the future of IT will look like. Will there continue to be the same demand for people in this field? Or instead, will we see a dramatic shift over to the gaming market as the financial world realizes that this is likely to continue with its growth spurt? Speaking for myself, I try to stay on the sidelines of much of this, working in the IT field… but trying to keep a clear enough head as an observer more than a participant.

I believe that by maintaining the role as the observer, I can keep my mind open to things that I might otherwise miss. See, once I get too caught up in taking sides with Windows, Linux, OS X, or even the mobile technologies, I feel that I might end up missing out on something really cool. I suppose you might say that one example of almost loosing sight of that vision was when I was so pro-Palm that I never thought to give Windows Mobile a chance. As it turns out, the mobile Windows platform is not half bad. Sure, there are some areas that I would like to see changed and perhaps improved upon, but overall I think the platform can do some amazing things.

In closing today’s GnomeREPORT, I suppose the lesson I would like to share is that we should all be careful about prejudging new ideas and technologies until each of us have actually had a chance to take a closer look first hand. I know that sometimes I lose sight of this, and I am willing to bet that I am not the only one out there that allows this to happen.

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