Data Crunching: Everyday Help

Programmers can spend a lot of time on “other stuff” that’s
not directly related to the project at hand. Migrating data from one
format or computer system to another, or extracting values from it is one
of those necessary tasks that can take up a great deal of time.

In Data Crunching: Solve Everyday Problems Using Java, Python, and More,
Dr. Greg Wilson helps programmers, system administrators, and others learn effective ways to
handle and manipulate data in a variety of formats.

Data Crunching covers areas of most interest to working programmers:

  • Using plain text files

  • Learning how to use Regular Expressions
  • Parsing XML using SAX, DOM, and XSLT
  • Encoding data in binary files
  • Handling relational databases using SQL

Greg says, “Most college and university courses don’t teach these basics
of data handling, popular magazines don’t talk about it, and there aren’t
many books on the subject. But these are exactly the skills that make
working programmers more effective.”

Aimed at beginner to intermediate programmers, Data Crunching offers
real-world practices, tips and techniques that readers can put to use
right away.

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