LanSpy v2.0

LanSpy is a network security scanner that allows you to gather information about machines on the network. This includes:

  • Ping

  • Domain name
  • NetBios names
  • MAC address
  • Server information
  • Domain (working group) information
  • Domain controllers
  • Remote control
  • Time
  • Disks
  • Transports
  • Users
  • Logged users
  • Global groups
  • Local groups
  • Security options
  • Shared resources
  • Sessions
  • Open files
  • Services
  • Processes
  • Registry
  • Event log
  • TCP ports
  • UDP ports

(Administrative access is required to gather all information).

In addition, the program runs a port scan, using a customizable list of TCP/UDP ports and returns header information from Web servers.

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