Snort (Rules) For Sale

Shawna McAlearney of writes:

Open Source IDS Snort is quietly ushering in changes to its license agreement that allows it to charge for timely, tested rules. Sourcefire, manager of the open source project, said some vendors relying on those rules for their own commercial products aren’t pleased.

“Sourcefire [is] preventing other commercial entities from profiting from their work [specifically, rules] without contributing back to the community,” said Gary Hein, service director for Burton Group’s Application Platform Strategies division. “I don’t see this creating heartburn for Snort developers and end users, but mostly for commercial vendors that have IDS appliances based on Snort.”

Sourcefire’s chief marketing officer, Michele Perry, said the changes were announced to customers March 7 and that most of the transition has gone smoothly. However, “a few folks needed to add it to their budgets, and others [commercial vendors] understand it will impact their business in a big way,” she said.

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