What Is A KVM Switch?

A KVM switch is a keyboard, video, and mouse switch. It allows you to
control more than one computer with the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
Why would you want to do this?

A KVM switch comes in handy when you own and use more than one computer, but
you don’t want to cover your desk with or pay for a bunch of input devices.
If you have an old computer that you’d like to access regularly, this is the
perfect application for a KVM switch. Just set up the old PC near the new
one, plug in your KVM switch, and both computers are accessible to you
anytime. Some two port KVM switches even come with built-in cables.

KVM switches are a must in large network setups with several servers. No
reason to take up space and go through the expense and hassle of setting up
sixteen monitors and keyboards when you can just pick up a sixteen-port KVM
switch. You can even get rack mountable configurations. [Bethany Hunt of FOURPAIR]

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