Aggregating Over To The Right Reader

There is really no question about it. Finding the right RSS/Atom aggregator is critical to making sure that you are using this great technology versus the ol’ Web-bounce solution by manually going from page to page.

For some time now, I have been going back and forth on both Linux and Windows trying to decide which one I want to use full time. So far, it looks as if, even with Win4Lin helping me with my Windows needs, there are still times when I need Windows XP for work. Still, I want to find a universal aggregator that will give me access to my RSS feeds, on a platform independent setup that I could use the same feed with. After much thought and investigating, I had to go with Bloglines in order to fulfill my needs.

After discovering that I could use Firefox LiveLines Extension to retrieve feeds and the Mozilla Notifier Extension to alert me to when they are updated, well, let’s just say the decision to move my stuff over to Bloglines was a no-brainer.

So far, it has been super to use. Not only does it give me access to the feeds I want from any computer, but I can make the whole deal universal thanks to Firefox and the great extensions I mentioned above. Folks, with tools like Bloglines and the Mozilla Notifier, there is just no excuse any longer. It is so easy to use and since you are alerted when things are being updated, you will be in control. I can’t encourage you enough to check it out!

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  • D Lowrey

    Something which should be on the top of the list is see if you can find out how long it has been since the infrastructure has been serviced or replaced. The reason is that our current apartment had been vacant for years before we moved in. Having issues with connection speeds and the connection…found out that varmits had chewed away some of the shielding on the coax around the apartment complex. After several service calls with no results…the cable company went up the pole and found the old coax and replaced it with new.

    I understand the cable/phone company may not know…but always ask.

  • Ivor Biggun

    you forgot to mention servers that have staff who don’t speak good English