Emsa Port Blocker v1.0.15

Emsa Port Blocker allows you to block TCP requests from/to your computer. The program should not be mistaken with a firewall, as it does not actually prevent access to ports, but merely terminates the connection if it matches a specified rule. The program can either block incoming requests, or optionally prevent outgoing requests to specified ports as well. May be useful as a temporary solution, or for testing purposes. [161K] [Win98/2k/XP] [FREE] [SnapFiles]

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  • http://twitter.com/azhari azhari

    Excellent hack. Are you cooking up something for the Facebook photos as well?

  • http://teejayhanton.com teejayhanton

    You can also setup an email address to email photos to your Picasa account. If you click the gear and go to Photo Settings in Picasa, on the General tab you’ll see an “Upload photos by email” section. Just set up emailing the photos in Instagram to that address and you should save yourself a few steps.

    I say “should” because I can’t seem to get anything to autopost anywhere in my Picasa album, whether through Posterous, emailing, or whatever. Quite annoying, actually. But, it might work for somebody else.

    • Steve Farrell

      tried the same thing, but no joy. would be a much more elegant work around…if it worked.

      • http://teejayhanton.com teejayhanton

        I sent an email to Posterous help about it because I can’t get anything from Posterous to sync with Picasa. They said they’ve been hearing a lot of issues, so I’m wondering if they’re doing updates on the Picasa side that messes with their APIs or changes how some of the incoming emails/pictures are handled … hopefully it resolves itself pretty quickly.

        • Steve Farrell

          i think i figured out why: when you email a photo via instagram it actually is put into a template in the body of the email. picasa doesn’t pluck things out of the body, it’s looking at the attachments and the subject line. i did a test of emailing a photo to picasa with the photo in the body and the photo as an attachment. Attachment works. So if you could find a way to just output the photo as a straight attachment it might work, but the iphone email prog always puts it in the body.

    • http://chris.pirillo.com/ Chris Pirillo

      Instagram email has never worked for me. :(

  • Adam Nicholas Burke

    FYI – This also works for Picplz, for all you Android-users out there.

  • brad jackson

    Thank you Chris.