Update – RegClean and XP

The verdict is in. No one reported any actual problems with RegClean on XP. I have examined some undo files generated by RegClean on XP and have found nothing that would cause any problems. Apparently, Microsoft’s Knowledge Base article on the subject caused some confusion. RegClean is NOT compatible with OFFICE XP, but nothing is said about the OS itself. Here are some comments I received:

“I have been using RegClean … on 3 different XP systems. I have NEVER had a problem with RegCleaner or anything it’s ‘fixed.'” – D.C.

“Hi, i have used regclean on 2 XP machines (one xp home the other pro) with no apparent side affects.” – M.C.

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been using Regclean on win XP Pro for over a year now and never had any problims.” – J.M.

“RegClean is compatible with all flavors of Win.XP (Home, Pro) Original or with SP1, SP2 applied and with/or without extra patches/updates from Ms Update site installed. Tried on quite a few systems.” – M.S.

Hope this clears things up.

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