eWallet 4.0 Released

I rely on eWallet very heavily to keep track of Web accounts, software keys, IP address info for various networks I work with, etc. Electronic wallet apps are everywhere, but eWallet is great for those of us who use several different device types. They offer versions for Pocket PC, Palm, Windows Smartphones, and Windows desktops, along with the ability to sync among them at will. With two Pocket PCs, a notebook and a couple of Palm devices around, it sure is nice to have my data close at hand, regardless of which is in my hand at any given time. The 128-bit RC4 encryption ensures that it’s all nice and secure, too.

Version 4.0 adds subcategories, password hints and the ability to synchronize individual cards, instead of the entire wallet. Boy, will that come in handy! There have been many times when I forgot to marry up changes and ended up with modifications on two devices, only to have one overwritten. If I can’t remember what it was I changed, information has been lost to the sync monster. [Furo]

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