iProblems: Common User Issues with the iPhone 5

iProblems: Common User Issues with the iPhone 5As soon as the iPhone 5 was announced by Apple in September, the Steve Jobs-founded company reported two million pre-orders in the first 24 hours, topping the previous record held by its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, during its debut. Just a week after, Apple officially announced a historical sale of over five million units. The incredible demand suggested that customers were enamored by the new smartphone, but it turned out that the hoopla was temporary.

After the initial shipment of the highly anticipated handset, a lot of users began to complain about a number of issues regarding the taller, slimmer, 4G LTE-capable phone. From buggy Wi-Fi and skewed maps to camera issues and problems with the housing/casing, here are the top quirks users have noticed about the iPhone 5.

Apple Maps SNAFU

If you closely follow news items about the iPhone, you’ve probably read or heard that a lot of iOS users have been complaining about how horrible the new native map app is. Apple Maps, the new navigation app that replaced Google Maps in iOS, lacked a significant amount of detail and doesn’t provide transit directions. Check out this Tumblr site titled The Amazing iOS 6 Maps, dedicated to exhibiting samples of bad data within the service. Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly apologized for this shortcoming.

Scratch-tacular Surface

Tech sites and forums everywhere have been saying that the new anodized aluminum casing is highly susceptible to scratching. Users are harboring fears that their iPhone 5 handsets are going to show signs of wear and tear right away. This article from AllThingsD featured reports about widespread claims of scratches and nicks on the rear part and edges of the Apple product. There were even those who said that their orders appeared damaged as soon as they took them out of the packaging. Watch the video below from iFixit:

Finicky Wi-Fi

Complaints about the iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi connectivity have started piling up in user forums. “It was slow, choppy, sporadic or fail altogether (sic),” one user on the Apple Support Communities said. Others have detailed how they couldn’t use essential services like their RingCentral phone service or basic email on the device due to the Wi-Fi bugs. Some of them even had their phones exchanged for new units from their providers to address the issue, but to no avail. As of this writing, the thread has generated 1,525 replies and 102 pages — and Apple has not been able to provide a concrete solution for the issue.

Confused Siri

As noticed by forum posters over at MacRumors, Siri has been experiencing confusion with weather forecasts. In the discussion thread, some users detailed the glaring error they experienced when asking for weather conditions in New York, New York, where Siri happened to return results for weather conditions in New York, Texas. Another user said that he asked for the weather condition in Richmond, Virginia but got the weather update for New Richmond, Ohio instead. Apple’s official support board also contains posts on the matter.

Purple Haze

Pictures captured while positioned towards a bright light with the iPhone 5’s camera have reportedly shown a purple haze that doesn’t please aesthetically. This issue has been acknowledged by Apple at its website, and has offered the simple solution of positioning the camera at an angle away from the light causing the flare to minimize the purple tint. A lot of users aren’t pleased with how the company addressed the issue.

Have you been affected by any of these issues? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • KyRuMo

    I bought two iPhone5’s and they were both scratched out of the box, I’m gonna stick with my 4S

    • jS

      You must have had very little reason for wanting them in the first place if a scuffed back plate was enough to put you off. Or was it a scratched corner? I’m assuming the lenses and screen were fine?

      • KyRuMo

        The first one I bought has a one inch scratch on the back and the second one had a chunk of aluminum missing by the speaker grill, I’ve had the 4S since it was released with only minor scuffs on the antenna band after a year of use.

        There was a couple other little things that set me off such as the nano sim, lighting connector and 80% of the apps that I use not taking advantage of the 4inch screen.

  • xinu

    Nice article. Scratching of the iPhone and its wear over time was the biggest factor which deterred me from purchasing an ip5. I however don’t think that Maps is too much of an issue for most people. i never used the default google maps, and I know many geeks and average users who never did. 3rd party navigation apps always provided a better alternative.

  • Darren Lindwall

    My iPhone 5 completely crashes when i connect to my iPad 3 using LTE. I pair it using bluetooth. Happens while streaming video. It will just stop and i check the iPhone 5, its completely unresponsive. I have to reset it by holding the power/home button for 10 seconds. Its easy to repeat as it happens daily once or twice.

  • Darren Lindwall

    My iPhone 5 completely crashes when i connect to my iPad 3 using LTE. I pair it using bluetooth. Happens while streaming video. It will just stop and i check the iPhone 5, its completely unresponsive. I have to reset it by holding the power/home button for 10 seconds. Its easy to repeat as it happens daily once or twice.

  • Metroview

    I’m not having a hardware problem with my iPhone 5, but more of software problems. One is the glitching keyboard (a white flickering line appears across the keys) and the other is the inability to download and delete individual songs while using iTunes Match. You have to download the entire album to listen, and in order to delete songs, you have to turn off iTunes Match. Seriously, Apple!? iTunes Match was PERFECT in iOS 5!

    Other than that, no scratches of any kind. I immediately bought a screen protector and case for my phone.

    • Matt

      I share the glitching keyboard as well. While it isn’t a big problem, it is quite annoying.

  • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

    I got the 5 the first day it was available. I’ve had non of the commonly mentioned problems. But I did have a problem with my location services coming on constantly and draining the battery. I tracked it down to the new Passbook app, even when I wasn’t running it. I turned off LS for that app and never saw the problem again.

  • http://twitter.com/NandaLinnAung Nanda Linn Aung

    not easy to be an iPhone 5 user then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PuyallupHero Jeremy DeForrest

    You see. Apple isn’t perfect, *laughs* With that said, I’m sure it’s an incredible phone and every phone out there has things that could have been improved upon. However, the real question is if you’re happy with the phone. If you are, then these minor things shouldn’t matter.

  • http://www.MagicTrax.net/ Magic Trax

    I used my iPhone 5 for about three weeks before my snap-on minimal case came, but I haven’t seen a single scratch appear on the phone. Maps usually works about half of the time, though I rarely have a need for it. I’ve had absolutely no issues with my Wi-Fi and 5GHz has seemed to slightly improve load times. Purple haze, however, has been a huge annoyance. I never experienced that with my iPhone 4, but it’s become quite a common occurrence with my iPhone 5. Annoyingly the majority of the time it will produce the purple haze while trying to take a picture indoors, though I can normally find a shot eventually.

  • http://twitter.com/petermurph Peter Murphy

    Clearly you’re just holding it wrong. *wink* Reality: No one is perfect.

  • Matt

    Nobody brings up the problem a few of my friends and I all share on our iPhones. 80% of the time I take a photo with flash turned on, the timing seems to be off because the image comes out darker than if the flash was turned on. Does anybody else share this problem?