iPhone 5: Would You Bring Your iPhone to T-Mobile for Cell Service?

iPhone 5: Would You Bring Your iPhone to T-Mobile for Cell Service?T-Mobile’s marketing division is on the move to the point where it is starting to remind me of the children’s storybook tale The Little Engine That Could. I say this because T-Mobile has been bombarding us with a multitude of television advertising featuring a lovely young woman riding what is purported to be a fast motorcycle that rapidly overpowers a male rider on a smaller, moped-style bike. The message is clearly being sent that the female’s cycle represents the lightening speed of T-Mobile’s 4G speeds, whereas whatever the male is riding represents the current speeds offered by all the other cell companies.

Up until now, however, T-Mobile had not taken on the Apple iPhone. Well, that is about to change. T-Mobile is ready for the big time and the company claims that it has plans to support the Apple iPhone 5, which is Apple’s newest cellphone product. Its plans do not stop with the latest Apple iPhone, however, as it is also welcoming older versions, like the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S, to the T-Mobile family. In fact, to see just how serious T-Mobile is about wanting to serve you, check out the T-Mobile blog site listed below.

After reading the blog, I was curious enough to visit our local T-Mobile store to get the facts about how one goes about getting an iPhone to work on the T-Mobile network. This is what I learned. First of all, the Apple iPhone must be unlocked before the installation of a T-Mobile SIM. To find out how this process could be accomplished, I fibbed a little and told the clerk at the T-Mobile store that the iPhone I was receiving as a gift needed to be unlocked. Perhaps this was wrong since I have no such phone coming as a gift nor do I have any intentions of purchasing an iPhone, but I wanted to learn all I could about how the process would work. The clerk was then gracious enough to tell me that I would need to take the phone to Wireless Trendz, located next door to the T-Mobile store. To that end, I went next door to Wireless Trendz, where I was told that it would cost $47 if I wished to receive a full unlock of the iPhone.

With that information in hand, I then returned to T-Mobile for more information on its data plan. It seems that, once an iPhone is unlocked, there are several plans available — including, to my surprise, a pre-paid plan that would work with the unlocked iPhone. The plan that impressed me the most was one that consisted of 1,500 minutes of talk or texting time. Let me make this clear: It is not 1,500 minutes of talk time and 1,500 minutes of text time. It is combination of the two. The plan also includes 30 MB of data usage, and all of this is only $30 a month. Of course, there are other more expensive plans available ranging from about $60 to $105 a month, however, these plans require a two-year contract.

So how good is the 4G service that T-Mobile is offering? I can only share my own personal experience, which may differ from what you will experience since connection speeds and reception will be influenced by where you live. I know that I have previously used both AT&T and Sprint and, in the area where I live, T-Mobile seems to be quicker. However, I am also aware that my views could be jaded by the fact that I pay only $30 a month for a plan that includes 4G service for the first 5 GB of data. For me, that is perfect, but it doesn’t mean that the plan would be workable for everyone else since, while it allows for unlimited texting, it strictly limits talk time to 100 minutes. One must also be made aware that this plan is only available from Walmart in conjunction with T-Mobile or when offered as a special promotion directly from the T-Mobile website.

So what do I think? I believe that the service I am receiving from T-Mobile 4G is very quick when I compare it to either Sprint or AT&T’s 3G service. However, one must remember that all commercials are going to portray their service as the largest, most user-friendly, and fastest cell network out there. Is it as fast as the commercials portray it to be? I can’t answer that because I believe the answer will be in what you, as a consumer, experience and is dependent on the phone you are using. The proximity you have to the cell towers and also how many folks are connecting to the same tower at the same time will also affect your service.

What is great, though, is that iPhone users will now have the opportunity to harness into a network that offers less expensive connection fees. Additionally, when an iPhone customer chooses T-Mobile, they will be able to take advantage of a their new theme, “Unlimited and Unlocked,” which is directly targeting iPhone owners. I sincerely hope that this article is of assistance to those who find themselves struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of other available cellphone plans (aka contracts).

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  • Curtis Coburn

    The thing I like is that it is unlimited data. Data is really all you need, because you can use Google Voice for your texting or other Apps, and not too many people use the phone for a phone.
    The main question for users is “How well is the service in my area?”
    Personally I never tried T-Mobile where I live. Some of my clasmates in school have T-Mobile, and they seem to be happy with the service, but they don’t have the lighting fast speed, like AT&T does with their 4G-LTE speed.
    I am with AT&T and am using their 3G network. It’t not lighting fast, but I am less of an average user with my data. All I really use it for is Pandora.
    It’s good that they are expanding their devices. Because sometimes the device is what people are really looking for. I’d be willing to switch from AT&T to Sprint because they had the Galaxy Nexus phone and AT&T didn’t.

  • http://twitter.com/SpyderBite SpyderBite

    It is all about coverage. Unlimited Data in a poor service area is like an all you can eat buffet at a really bad restaurant. Sprint in my area is dog slow, yet people are still swayed by the word “Unlimited”. Learn how to efficiently manage your data using Wifi whenever possible and I think people would be surprised how little cellular data they really use. I am on my iPhone all day long and consider myself a “heavy data user”. But, unless I’m in my car, I’m usually connected to a wifi hotspot. My average cellular data usage is approximately 280mb. I still have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon. But, I would have no problem switching to a 6gb or 8gb share everything plan on my account with 4 lines. Be responsible about how and where you use your data, and choosing a carrier will be as easy as picking the one with the best coverage. Data limits should never be an influencing factor.