10 Things I Dislike About iOS

This article is a counterpoint to my 10 things I like about iOS. I have used iOS since iPhone OS 1.1 and as much as I have — for the most part — enjoyed the updates that Apple has brought to the OS, there are things that I’ve not liked. No OS is completely perfect, and that is something that I’m sure most reasonable people would agree with.

10 Things I Dislike About iOS

No Widgets

Although I did say that I like the neat and tidy OCD/OCT friendly iOS home screen, I would like to have the ability to add widgets. I’d love to be able to do what Android users can and see the weather at a glance. I’d even love to have the dynamic tiles that Windows Phone 7 users have.

No Dynamic Background

I do like having a static background, but a dynamic background image like Windows 7 would be an awesome feature. I know that it may reduce battery life or some other reason that Apple has for not bringing this to iOS, but I’d still love to have it. It would be great to have a background that would change with the time of day. A view of the ocean that changes to suit the time of day would be something that I would certainly be interested in, but I doubt I’ll see it any time soon.


This app annoys me no end! I don’t use it and I don’t want to use it. I want to put it into a folder because of the next reason. However, Apple has closed that loophole. I don’t mind it so much on my iPad, but I really dislike it on my iPhone because I don’t want to use that screen for reading — although I can and do use it for reading certain things.

Inability to Delete Standard Apps

Is it just so hard for Apple to allow us the choice to delete apps that we don’t want to use like Compass, Stocks, or Contacts? Contacts, especially, because they are already housed within the Phone app; why is a second app required? I don’t want to jailbreak my device to get the ability to delete things that I don’t need!

No True Multi-tasking

I don’t think the multi-tasking that iOS has is true multi-tasking. In my opinion, true multi-tasking is not stopping the app when you leave it. Although, by that definition, the Music app is clearly able to multi-task — you are stopping the app but still allowing music to play. I understand why Apple has built this the way it has, but I’d like to have more control over it.

Notification Centre

I just don’t like notification centre. I like that it’s a step up from the original push notifications, but other than that I hate it. I’ve only gotten notifications for the apps that I need to get notifications from, but they still annoy me. There are also some apps — now removed from my iPhone and iPad — that will disregard notification centre’s settings when you don’t want notifications from them.

Camera App

The Camera app is good, but extremely basic. I would like to see the ability to take three or more shots at once, a way to make it easier to take shots without blur, or even a way to intentionally add motion blur to a shot. I don’t want the app to turn into Instagram, but it would be nice to have some more features.

iCloud Syncing

As much as I like iCloud and having that backup as peace of mind, I dislike how long it takes for photos in the photo stream to get from one device to another. It’s supposed to be done, by my understanding, over Wi-Fi and shouldn’t take too long, but I’ve had pictures on my iPad that my iPhone never gets a hold of. It’s not a big deal, but it is mildly annoying.

Secure Locking

I want a better way to securely lock my iPhone and iPad apart from using a pin number. I like the Android dot-to-dot style security, although I’m not sure if it is entirely secure. However, it would make getting into my iPhone and iPad a lot less of a fuss and bother. I have to — on average — unlock one of my iDevices every hour or so and it really does get annoying.


I hate iTunes with a passion that cannot be described — as this is a family website. As much as iTunes is an optional way to sync your iDevice, you do still have to use it if you want to keep iTunes as a second backup. You also need to use it if you’re going to jailbreak your device. I find the program extremely infuriating and I would like if iOS didn’t have to use it in any form. However, I doubt that will ever happen.

Final Thoughts

I do think that iOS is a pretty decent platform, but I’m under no illusion that it’s perfect. No platform is perfect: fact. There are many things that many people hate about iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, OS X, Windows, and Linux. The point is that, when you find a platform that you are happy with — in my case Windows 7 and iOS — then that’s all that matters. It’s a bit like friendships in that aspect. If you can like a person despite their faults, then that’s all that matters.

Which operating systems are you “friends” with?

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John β€œScotsman” McKinlay is a 25-year-old autistic living in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been an online presence since 1998, but has only recently found that his voice and writing skills could bring him into the world of blogging and podcasting -- with a bit of YouTube on the side. He joined the ranks of LockerGnome back in March of 2012 and has been warmly received both by the LockerGnome staff and by you lovely ladies and gentlemen of the LockerGnome audience.

  • ecnepsnai

    In regards to the secure locking: You can use a word type password by turning off the “simple passcode” setting within passcode settings.

  • Roland Bechtel

    Now that Steve is dead they may fix some of this.

  • Matthew Sabia

    You know, you CAN get all of these things right now if you jailbreak πŸ˜‰

    • http://www.facebook.com/Paliometoxo Grigoris Grigoriou

      Yes you can but not every one wants to jailbreak.. I myself jailbreak all the time but I still would rather that apple officially add it so I don’t have to wait for un tethered jailbreaks to get these features..

  • http://twitter.com/trissylegs Tristram Healy

    Operating systems I am friends with: Most variants of Linux. I’m using Ubuntu. I do use windows but I can’t say I’m friends with it (I’m about to install windows 7, that may be better than any previous experience)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Paliometoxo Grigoris Grigoriou

    Ok firstly I agree and disagree with some of these notes but from the top, widgets I dont mind not having them,
    2. my background changes and depending on the weather outside it shows
    it on my screen! jailbroken of course.. NEwsStand is the worse app EVER,
    again from jailbreak you can download NoNewsISGOODnews and hide the
    app, I HATE that apple make me have such apps like stock on the
    springboard and refuse to let me delete it.. and of course with
    jailbreak you can do that usingopenSSH.. TRUE Multi tasking.. not too
    bothered about that..and the notification center does not bother me
    though I never use it. I am happy with the camera app as it is. I dont
    care about icloud either because I dont use it as I need much more then
    5GB space and dont want to pay for more. I dont use pin codes or
    secure ways to lock my phone (probably a mistake) but another issue I
    am ok with.. I also dont mind itunes either but it would be nice if
    apple did not force users into having to use it to maintain our
    idevices. I would want to see features such as bluetooth file transfer

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000061961790 Ian Jackson

      Actually you don’t *Need* to use iTunes anymore with PC Free (which my mom was using til she got a new desktop) However, you do need it to add mp3’s and get Podcasts on release, which is tedious, especially using Win7.

  • http://twitter.com/Legendaddy2 Charles Hu

    i like this multitasking dude . no lags

    • Anonymous

      You are correct. Although Apple only implements psuedo-multitasking, its a much smarter mobile platform. True multitasking needlessly burns RAM, processing power, and battery. Windows phones also use UISuspended multitasking. Again, a much smarter setup than Androids, which has set itself up for large speed issues when put in combination with its RAM hole.

  • johnkooz

    “I hate iTunes with a passion that cannot be described β€” as this is a family website.”

    I liked that comment-quote. I hated the infection of the appstore when just wanting to listen to my music/voice mp3s on hard drive. After migrating away from itunes in 2008, I have since discovered a lot of music players. some have various advantages.
    vlc is great and reads everything.
    obscure ones that I like are jaangle, audacious, i liked banshee for awhile. wmp suffices, too.

  • Chris J Powell

    Many of these items are why I dislike Apple in general. Yes the iPad performs as it should but we have to comply with one way of doing things! I want choice, I want my device to view what I want when I want and not to some “vision” of the way someone else thinks I should compute.

    • http://chris.pirillo.com/ Chris Pirillo

      You’re in a tiny minority. πŸ˜‰

      • Newbluegeek

        No he’s not. A lot of people want the choices that other platforms present. True, people that are new to tech don’t, but power users always want choice. I myself used iOS for the longest time on my phone, and only recently went to Android 4.0. The switch was nice and I feel that I have more control over my phone.

        • http://chris.pirillo.com/ Chris Pirillo

          Not really. My parents don’t care. They’re the majority – not us. πŸ˜‰

  • Mark Dandeneau

    I guess I’m pretty comfortable with IOS. I did jailbreak my last iPhone, but after doing so I saw no benefit. Probably somewhat because I didn’t take the time to figure out how to take advantage of all of the pro’s of it, but I am really just concerned that my phone be reliable especially as a telephone. I do do other things with it too. I did want to delete some of the standard apps, but just moved them to the last page, so they are out of site. I am definitely not a Windows fan, have used Linux for years, but recently bought a mac mini and am happy with it.

  • http://www.stichtingmilieunet.nl/andersbekekenblog Milieunet

    Don’t like iOS

  • Jack

    There must be a 1000 camera Apps available, many will do what you’re looking for.

  • http://twitter.com/mdridwan Mohammad Ridwan

    You don’t like Notification Centre..?
    Are you high..??

  • Anonymous

    Interestingly enough, every single solitary thing you listed, you can easily get without a jailbreak. Jailbreaks are easy, fast, are legal, free, and do not pose nearly as big of a ‘stability risk’ as everyone claims they do.
    Dynamic Backgrounds, Deleting stock apps, and hiding Newstand can all be done with the jailbreak. (LiveBackground, MobileTerminal, and NoNewsIsGoodNews)
    With Dashboard X you can get widgets. These widgets are actually built much more intelligently than Androids are, as they do not constantly hog up memory and slow down the device. Apple offers many alternatives to the Camera in the app store it self, and with the jailbreak, you can unlock even more features, like a built in Panorama (FireBreak) and HDR (plistHack)Apple’s Notification Center is a much cleaner interface than Androids. With jailbreak, you can add toggles with SBSettings or preferably, NCSettings. There are ways to sync your device with something other than iTunes (jailbreak required) and you can make iTunes more useful by using it to backup other devices as well, phones, USB’s, etc. Also, just thought I’d mention that Apple’s iPhone security is many, many, many times stronger than the Android dots-slider thing. Just looking at the screen smudges get you into an Android, nevertheless the abject lack of ASLR.
    Furthermore, since Android has tried to make itself more available on other platforms, it is a nightmare for developers to try and develop cross platforms, with different hardware, screen sizes, users, and more, all pooled into one centralized store.