Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad Review

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad ReviewHere’s another review from me about something on which I spent my own money. The Logitech speaker stand is something that I bought more for the stand than for the speaker. I’ve seen iPad stands selling for the same price as this speaker stand, so I thought the extra function — even though I thought that I wouldn’t use it — would be a good idea. The speaker stand comes in at around £50 (or $83), which is the kind of price I have come to expect from Logitech. I’ve found most Logitech products to be quite highly priced, but that doesn’t always equate to the product being good quality. However, I am pleased to say that this product — like the Wheel that I’ve also reviewed for LockerGnome — is certainly of excellent quality.

The Stand

The stand, itself, definitely feels substantial without being overly heavy. The cradle — where you insert the iPad — was built for the iPad first generation and the iPad 2; the current third generation was a definite afterthought. Although my iPad 2 does fit securely — via a 30-pin dock connector — there is still a little bit too much movement forward and back for my liking. The cradle also rotates 90 degrees counter-clockwise from portrait to give you a nice landscape mode.

Your iPad is securely attached to the stand via a typical 30-pin dock connector and arms that are around halfway up the iPad so that it won’t fall out. The 30-pin dock connector charges the iPad as well as being a connection to the speakers at the back of the stand. The stand houses three nice buttons with the middle power button being backlit with a blue LED. The buttons have nice, tactile feedback and feel quite well-made.

The back of the stand is where you’ll find the power input and an auxiliary input for a 3.5 mm plug from an iPhone or any other audio device that has the capability. The arm that the iPad cradle sits on, again, feels sturdy enough and, at its top most position, is a nice angle from which to read your iPad. My only current complaint with the stand is the cradle. When it’s in portrait mode, it has a little too much give and play in it for my liking — both with and without the iPad.


The speakers are of typical quality from Logitech, and I’ve never had a complaint over Logitech speaker quality (aside from sound loudness in other products — but not this one). The speakers are as loud as you’ll ever need them. They sit at the back of the stand and even the bass is powerful enough to force my desk to vibrate between the 75% and 100% volume mark! I’m currently playing a mix of music through the speakers and it seems to handle classical, rock, metal, and even dance without any appreciable difficulty.

The Overall Experience

Using the stand on a day-to-day basis is great. It gives me a perfectly decent second monitor to my computer using one of the various apps for that function since the stand also keeps my iPad 2 charged. I can keep my iPad on and use it for browsing Twitter, being a part of a Google+ hangout, or even for use with Skype. I think it adds even more function to the iPad because you can use it as a second monitor or as a “smart” second monitor, plus it’s a stand that keeps your iPad charged and, in its fully upright position, gives you an excellent reading angle.

I’ve used the stand to draw on and even to play music via GarageBand and other apps that I’ve mentioned in my music creation apps article a few days ago. I mean, yes, you can use it in your hand and, believe me, it works well, but I really do think that this stand makes life just a little bit easier. Then again, it could be because I’m lazy, but I really do like the stand and I use it on a daily basis.

I think the Logitech Speaker Stand is a nice addition to my collection of technology. The audio quality is excellent and the stand is well made — or at least feels well made. I’ve had no problems with it and my only complaints are chalked up to personal preference and not product quality. I’ve been looking for an iPad stand for a while and this stand, as a stand, is worth the price tag on its own! I would say that Logitech has done a good job with the speaker stand and I would advise you to get one if you have an iPad.

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