Five Geeky Gift Ideas for iPhone Owners

Do you know a geeky iPhone owner? Finding a gift for someone who appears to have everything is a really difficult thing to do. Gift giving is quite possibly one of the most stressful social situations we as a culture put ourselves in, and locating just the right gift for a geek can be even more difficult.

Take phone cases for example. While there are thousands upon thousands of options out there to choose from, a true geek is very picky about what they put on their devices. It can also be a very personal decision which could be better facilitated through a gift card than an outright purchase.

So, cases aside, what do you get the iPhone owner in your life? Here are some suggestions that might help you out.

iOttie Windshield Dashboard Car Mount: $15

GPS apps are a great thing to have, but they can be kind of useless when your phone is sitting in a cup holder down around the floor of the car. Sitting your phone in a crevice near the stereo sometimes works, but a single pothole can send it crashing down around your feet.

Enter iOttie, the versatile windshield and dashboard mounting solution for a wide variety of smartphones. It’s excellent with the iPhone, and mounts securely to either the windshield or your dashboard for easy access. Not only that, but the swivel arm allows you to position the phone in landscape or portrait mode, and even hang it over your primary console to get it out of view of would-be thieves searching for gadgets left in the car while you’re away.

The price is incredibly low, and the reviews are exceptionally positive for a budget mounting solution. Over all, I’d say this would be a much appreciated gift for any iPhone owner.

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 ADVANCED: $45

So, your friend is driving down the road one day and they can’t find the song they’re looking for on the iPhone. Cables are being yanked and tangled with every connection and disconnection. Perhaps they have a stereo that doesn’t allow for Bluetooth or auxiliary inputs?

Enter the GOgroove FlexSMART. This little guy plugs right in to the car’s power port and connects directly to your iPhone via Bluetooth. With this, you can control music playback, make and receive calls, adjust volume, charge your phone, and even connect directly to your car stereo via 3.5mm jack. Oh, and if you have an audio device that doesn’t support Bluetooth, there is an extra 3.5mm input port on it as well. It’s quite literally an all-in-one solution for linking your phone to your stereo no matter what kind of radio you have.

The reviews on this gadget are incredibly positive, with almost 1,000 people weighing in at an average of 4.3 stars on Amazon. That’s a product worth checking out.

Sennheiser MM 450-X Stereo Bluetooth Headset: $450

Bluetooth headsets with built-in microphones are commonly thought of as these little Borg devices that stick to your ear. They’re only occasionally offered with a stereo mode, and many of these devices deliver poor sound fidelity.

Enter the Sennheiser MM 450-X Travel. This Bluetooth headset looks like a standard high-quality pair of headphones with a few extra features built in. The microphone is pretty well hidden, and convenient buttons on the side allow you to switch between calls and music with a single touch. You can also control music playback, connect by way of cables (airline adapter included), and enjoy the benefits of active noise cancellation.

It’s also not a terrible looking headset.

Glif Tripod Mount and Stand: $20

This is a great gift for the iPhone photographer or video maker out there. This little gadget fits in your pocket yet allows you to mount your iPhone on a standard tripod. In addition, it serves as an excellent iPhone stand for times when you’re watching a video on Netflix or catching up with your favorite Web series.

The Glif Tripod Mount and Stand is a perfect gift for any iPhone 4 or 4S owner that loves taking photos. It makes it possible to capture rich, shakeless images or record steady video without the hassle of having to hold the phone during filming. If anything, it makes professional looking YouTube videos much easier than if you were simply leaning the phone up against some books on your desk.

This is a cool gadget, and one that is sure to make any iPhone-owning vlogger very happy.

Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens: 70

Sometimes, your technology limits your creativity. The iPhone 4 and 4S have great cameras capable of taking amazing shots, but what if you could add a fisheye, macro, or wide-angle lens to your phone for even better shots?

Enter the Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens system. This single gadget gives you three very different lens options for your iPhone. It clips right on the phone itself, and is ready for use as soon as you attach it.

The wide-angle lens doubles the natural iPhone camera’s field of view. This makes it possible to take artistic wide shots and capture all the action, regardless of where you’re standing.

The fisheye lens gives you a nearly 180-degree field of view, making those artistic shots even better. The iPhone itself may be able to mimic this effect through apps, but there is no substitute for the real thing.

For macro photographers, the macro lens takes you in at a 10x magnification. This allows you to get closer than ever to your subject, making those detailed product shots much easier.

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