How to Redeem A Free Promo Code for iPhone Apps

Many app developers give out promo codes for iPhone apps to customers and bloggers for review. This promo code looks similar to the code you find on the back of iTunes gift cards, and is used to comp the price of the app. If you have received a promo code for an app to download to your iPhone, there are a few ways you can redeem the free promo code for the iPhone app.

Redeem Free Promo Code for iPhone AppsTo redeem a free promo code for an iPhone app using your iPhone, you will need to use the App Store. To use this method, open up the App Store using your iPhone and then tap on the New tab at the top of the App Store homescreen. Then, scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on the Redeem button. Then, type in the redeem code given to you by the developers of the app — it will look something like this: W7YTTERTH4RF. (Yes, that’s a real code, and yes, it’s been used.) Once you have typed in your redeem code, tap Go. If your code is valid, the app will begin downloading. You will then be able to find your new app on the homescreen of your iPhone.

You can also redeem a free promo code for an iPhone app using iTunes. First, launch iTunes and then click on iTunes Store from the sidebar. Under Quick Links on the homepage of the iTunes store, click Redeem (which is at the very top of the list.) On the next screen type in the code given to you by the developers of the app, and hit the Redeem button. If the code is valid, your app will begin downloading. Most iPhones will need to sync with iTunes to transfer the new app to the iPhone, as the functionality to sync over the air is only available to phones testing iOS 5 (which is still in beta.) Once you sync your iPhone with iTunes, the new app will appear on the homescreen of your iPhone.

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