How to Reverse a Jailbreak in iOS

Recently, 3.0 was officially launched. The highly anticipated release of the iPad 2 jailbreak was developed by jailbreak mastermind @Comex, and it has already been installed on over 1,000,000 iOS devices in the first day since its release. has become one of the most popular jailbreaks in history, but the impressive download figures only represent an approximate 3% to 5% of the overall iOS user base. The remaining 95% of iOS users are either against jailbreaking, or have many questions and concerns. These concerns are usually a result of misconceptions, and downright bad information. Getting bad jailbreaking answers can discourage would-be jailbreakers from making the jump, and prevents them from exploring the hundreds of useful modifications that jailbreaking facilitates. We’d like to answer an important jailbreaking question for the community today, and help clear the air about a common concern that is a major roadblock for most would-be jailbreakers.

The question that came in to us regarding iOS jailbreaking is:

“Can you reverse a jailbreak if you encounter an issue and you need to use your warranty?”

This is a great question, because it illustrates how a simple solution can easily be conceived as a potentially serious problem for people thinking about jailbreaking their iOS device. The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can easily reverse a jailbreak on any iOS device, running any version of the operating system, without leaving any trace of your previous jailbreak. I have personally been jailbreaking since the original iPhone, and have never had any issue with erasing my jailbreak, or taking my iPhone to Apple for warranty service. The process is very easy, and entails a simple restoration of your iOS device from within iTunes.

Contrary to popular belief, the backups that you make while you are jailbroken can easily be re-installed on a fresh copy of iOS, leaving absolutely no trace of your previous jailbreak. Having said that, I highly recommend that you make frequent backups while you are jailbroken; this is very important, especially if you install something unstable that requires you to restore your iDevice, or you are having hardware issues that require you to take your device to Apple for warranty.

Here is the simple step-by-step method for how to reverse a jailbreak:

  • Open iTunes and select your iOS device by clicking on it in the Devices list.
  • Right click on your iOS device and select Back up.
  • After the backup is complete, select the Summary tab.
  • Scroll down to the Version heading, and click Restore to install a fresh copy of iOS, and reverse your jailbreak without a trace.
  • Once the install is complete, restore your iOS device from the backup you made in step 2.
  • Bookmark this page and share it with your friends; you’ve just erased all traces of your jailbreak, and can happily go get warranty service without any worries.

We hope the above instructions are a good indication of how easy it really is to reverse a jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Make sure to visit us at if you have any in-depth questions about iOS jailbreaking or any other tech related questions for which you need answers.

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