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The WeatherBug API allows you to access live observations, forecasts, weather cameras and severe weather alerts. The WeatherBug API is the only place where you can access data from the WeatherBug Network of weather tracking stations. Data from the WeatherBug network is accurate, live, and localized. A team of meteorologists is constantly monitoring the network for data quality and our technologists are making sure that the data is delivered to you live. Mostly, the data is coming from a school in your town, but may also come from places like Washington National’s Baseball Park in Washington, DC.
Registering for the API is easy. Click here for our registration form. After confirmation, you will receive an “API Code” which will give you access to both our REST and SOAP API’s. You can sign up for personal or commercial use. We also have a much more expansive set of API’s that are available for Partners who would like to work with us more closely. The best thing to do is sign up for our public API to get a feel for the data that we have and someone will be in contact with you if the partner API is more suited to your application.
Our documentation for the API can be found at
You can join our WeatherBug API Devloper Forum to collaborate with other developers and get questions answered or send an email to [email protected].

Any updates or changes to the API will be announced through our blog. Here is a link to all posts that are categorized as “API Updates”.

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