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WeatherBug Elite Arrives For The Palm Pre

There should be an image here!Another WeatherBug Elite application has joined the ranks of the already successful ventures on various mobile platforms. This time around, WeatherBug Elite for the Palm Pre has been released and it should be noted immediately, this is arguably the best weather app available for the WebOS platform.

Ad-free and offered at an introductory rate of $1.99 USD, WeatherBug Elite is a steal for those Palm Pre owners needing to stay in tune with what is transpiring outside.

WeatherBug Elite functionality provided includes:

  • Current local weather conditions
  • 7-day and hourly forecasts
  • Satellite, Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Wind Speed, Forecast Hi and Forecast Lo detailed map overlays
  • Radar Animation*
  • Severe Weather Alerts* (NWS alerts)
  • Unlimited saved locations
  • GPS “Track Me” will update weather conditions based on the location of the user
    (* U.S. locations only)

Where can you get WeatherBug Elite for the Palm Pre?

Interested in buying the app? You can purchase it via the Palm App Catalog. There is no monthly fee to access the data, just the one time cost of $1.99 for the software.

WeatherBug Elite for other mobile platforms?

Yes, you will find that WeatherBug Elite is available on multiple mobile platforms, as is the freely available ad supported version. More info about each option is available at this link.

Mobile Alerts And Living In Severe Weather Regions

In the past, I have shared my own personal experiences with how WeatherBug alerts have ensured that I was kept safe during what could have been a serious weather related event. And as we begin to see the hard reality behind severe weather taking place in the southeast this year, I cannot help but wonder what methods those individuals from the affected area used to stay up to date as things progressed along with the hurricane(s)?

Obviously to some extent, weather radios were likely in heavy use. And before things really hit the wall, I suspect TV and terrestrial radio played a significant role in keeping those living in hurricane effected areas “in the know” as well. But what about those people unable to access their radios or TVs? Perhaps not necessarily in harms way at the time of severe storm events, rather in the middle of evacuating, stuck in traffic and waiting?

Speaking for myself, I have long since been a fan of accessing critical data via my mobible phone. Whether it be news, email or yes, even the weather. Having ready access to this information without needing to locate a laptop and a wifi connection is a big boon to my world. Yours too, I imagine.

So does WeatherBug provide such an option for mobile users? Absolutely. From Verizon powered WeatherVideos via Vcast to simple SMS alerts, the weather is simply a touchpad away for WeatherBug users. WeatherBug also provides a number of solutions for iPhone to Windows Mobile as well. As for me though, I am a BlackBerry fan, which means that going with WeatherBug Direct for BlackBerry is the best solution for my needs.

For most people however, something as simple as subscribing to mobile SMS alerts is enough to ensure that when severe weather does strike, you are not left out of the loop when tradional media is not available.

WeatherBug For Linux Is Live!


After months of work and beta testing on a multitude of Linux distributions, WeatherBug is proud to redefine the way we retrieve weather data on the Linux platform. Initially launched on Linspire’s website, WeatherBug for Linux is the aftermath of the success seen with the previous beta application, WeatherBug Tempest.

So what is new? Take a look at the latest YouTube video below for a quick run down.

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Supported distributions include:

  • (K)Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04
  • Linspire 6.x and Freespire 2.x
  • PCLinuxOS and CentOS
  • Not fully tested yet but expected to work include Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian and Mandriva.

Where can you download it from?

Why WeatherBug?

So why use WeatherBug instead of other data providers anyway? I can name at least two good reasons.

  1. The largest proprietary weather network
  2. Accuracy with choice

Auto-starting WeatherBug.

At this time, the application is not designed to autostart. So to compensate, I created a little something to help Freespire/Linspire users. This is to be run once and immediately after installing the application in Linspire or Freespire. Download this script, (right-click and save as). Then once downloaded, right-click, properties, permissions and make it executable. After this is done, double click it. After that, you can then safely remove the WeatherBug shortcut from your desktop.

Other KDE users, run this in a terminal:

cp /home/$USER/Computer/Desktop/weatherbug.desktop /home/$USER/.kde/Autostart/weatherbug.desktop

Ubuntu (GNOME users):

Add the word


to your sessions tool by Ctrl-F2 then typing gnome-session-properties .

A World Wide Weather Report


Dr. Alexander Bedritsky, both President of the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and head of the Russian Federation for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet), was given a tour of WeatherBug headquarters recently.

A meeting setup by NOAA here in the states, this event provided an awesome opportunity to share what we have found effective for private and public partnership here in the US, with our friends from Roshydromet in Russia. Demonstrating what many see a strong model of cooperative thinking between the public sector and that of the private sector, WeatherBug efforts with NOAA could perhaps one day serve as a working model for other countries.

While visiting WeatherBug in Maryland, Dr. Bedritsky and his delegation had the opportunity to see WeatherBug’s efforts in action at Clearspring Elementary School in Damascus, Md. From there, the delegation traveled to WJLA TV in Washington D.C. in order to see how WeatherBug works with their media partners.

During his travels on his tour with WeatherBug, Dr. Bedritsky shared these thoughts.

“I am very impressed that you are able to deliver content to many different people and enterprises and deliver the different specific types of content. In Russia we have a slogan, you cannot choose the weather but you can choose the right decision to respond to the weather. Your company enables people to make the right decision.”

“Improvement and expansion of the weather sensing and environmental infrastructure is very important and this is one of the things that WeatherBug does that has real social significance. I believe this is just as important as transportation and communication infrastructures or other types of public infrastructure that we all believe are so valuable.”

Club Managers Association of America And Weather Alerts

Increasing member safety. This happens to be a serious concern for members of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). Due to this concern, the CMAA has decided to work with WeatherBug to find a solution that will produce a safe environment.

Maintaining safety for large groups of people depends on a combination of pre-planning, live information and accuracy of said information.

So what does WeatherBug actually “do” for members of participating CMAA clubs?

  • Increases member safety. Keeping club members safe with severe weather alerts in real-time, as they happen.
  • Providing value to the membership experience. Depending on which club is in question here, there is a certain advantage to local weather conditions, radar and forecasts on club Websites. This is especially true when a club provides local, outside activities where knowing the weather ahead of time is a real factor.
  • Keeping “the green”, GREEN. A well maintained golf course does not just happen by itself. There is work and planning that goes into keeping things up to par. And having WeatherBug providing the latest weather data to those who do the planning in this area, can make the difference between applying the wrong chemical or even simply not implementing the best cart rules as sudden weather changes come about.
  • Heat stroke and lightening strikes. Empowering CMAA clubs to better protect the members is not an easy task. Despite being able to keep members alert to changing weather conditions, there is also concern over knowing when sudden changes occur, especially with heat spikes or lighting strikes. Using WeatherBug alert, CMAA clubs can now turn their employees into a mobile alert service. As events take place, the combination of WeatherBug Alert and GPS technology allows employees to keep the members safe through the very latest weather information live, as it happens out in the field.

The first club to bring in this technology is Congressional Country Club, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Experts agree that bringing in WeatherBug Club Safety solutions will do plenty to enhance the experience for club members, in addition to proving a real peace of mind for the club staff.