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WeatherBug For Your Favorite Browser

These days, you can find WeatherBug just about everywhere. And for mobile users, WeatherBug has apps for just about any mobile platform that you can think of. It’s one area among many where the WeatherBug brand has done wonders thanks to Earth Networks. But for those of us that spend more time in front of a computer than a mobile device, having immediate access to current conditions is a must.

In the past, this would mean running a dedicated installation of your favorite weather monitoring program, such as WeatherBug free edition or WeatherBug Plus. But for those of us who spend more time in our Web browsers than anywhere else, there’s something to be said for a good weather data extension. As luck would have it, Earth Networks offers some fantastic WeatherBug browser extensions that are sure to make your day a whole lot easier.

WeatherBug for Internet Explorer

It might surprise most of you, but there are actually two very cool options for those of you looking for a WeatherBug extension that’s compatible with Internet Explorer. The first one, is a simple tool that allows you to get a quick forecast in a matter of a few key presses. Considered to be a search provider add-on, this WeatherBug add-on for the Internet Explorer gives you instant access to weather whenever you want it. Just type in a zip code or a city/state, then you’ll be sent directly to the corresponding webpage for further details.

The second WeatherBug addon for Internet Explorer is simply put, amazing to see in action. Imagine your browser actually changing, shifting, evolving as the weather adjusts outside while you work! If you run the WeatherBug Browser Theme for Internet Explorer, you will be able to experience this incredible theme simply by installing the theme provided by Brand Thunder.

WeatherBug For Google Chrome


Speaking as someone who prefers Chrome most days, I can tell you that the extensions are generally quite impressive. And when Chrome was released to the general public, it was only a matter of time before Earth Networks took the WeatherBug brand and amazed Chrome users with one of the coolest Chrome apps I’ve ever seen. Enter the WeatherBug Weather Window. Not only does it provide the sort of expected forecast/current condition functionality one would expect, this WeatherBug extension takes it a step further by actually providing you a virtual window from which to look at what the weather is like outside. Now obviously, this is merely a cool simulation. But that doesn’t prevent pure amazement by all who see the Weather Window in action for the first time.

The second WeatherBug extension for Chrome is a little less intense and happens to be perfect for those of you wanting to get your local conditions and forecast, quickly. Just install it, then click on the little temp readout in the upper right corner for your live, local weather data.

 WeatherBug for Firefox

Despite my affinity for Chrome, I will always have a warm spot for Firefox. It was Firefox, that first got me hooked on cool browser extensions in the first place. And in the same spirit, this was the first browser WeatherBug extension released by Earth Networks. These days Mike Singer’s Weather Watcher Live is the recommended Firefox extension for those wanting WeatherBug data in their browser. It’s a great extension, arguably the best weather extension currently available for Firefox in my opinion. It will provide you with a great user experience, while allowing you to track current conditions and the forecast in a fluid manner.

WeatherBug Browser Theme For Firefox

Many Firefox enthusiasts have long since enjoyed using WeatherBug in extension form with their Firefox browser. It provides all the functionality anyone could ever wish for, plus the fact that it’s providing live, accurate weather data is a really cool bonus as well.

But what about something for those of you who are say, a bit more visual? Well hold onto your hats, folks. You about to be introduced to a whole new integrated weather experience.

Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug

In a partnership between Brand Thunder and WeatherBug, a new interactive/dynamic Firefox theme was created. Designed to be a visual experience, it installs as a FireFox extension while acting as a Firefox theme.

Features included are:

  • Current conditions.
  • Dynamically changing theme that reflects your current conditions. So when it’s sunny, the theme shows sunshine based theme. Raining or thunderstorm, same applies.
  • Up to a three day forecast.
  • Wind speed.
  • Defaults the search engine to Bing and opening up a new Firefox tab, brings up a Bing page. Default search can be changed back to Google easily just like before the theme was install though.

So there you have it. An interactive theme that creates an dynamic experience for those looking to take their existing WeatherBug Firefox extension, to the next level.

WeatherBug Extension For Google Chrome

Just about everyone out there is aware that WeatherBug is a lot more than a mere desktop application for Windows. From their mobile offerings down to their professional weather related services, WeatherBug has done some amazing work over the years.

Well today I am thrilled to share something that I think will make a number of Google Chrome users very happy. The WeatherBug extension for Chrome.

Setup is a breeze

After you choose the install button, you will then be presented to a page that looks much like this. You simply type in the zip code or city/state of the location(s) that you want to see the weather for. Hit the search button, choose from first pull down menu the town/city you want. From there, use the second pull down menu to select the exact weather station you wish to use, then finish the rest of the settings and hit save at the bottom.

This weather station selection feature alone, is what sets up apart from the other guys. Why get the weather from your nearest airport when in most cases, you can get neighborhood weather!

What does it look like?

When closed and not being used, the extension is nondescript and totally out of the way. The only thing you will see is the current temp for the location(s) you have set.

If you click on the temp indicator however, you will be presented with this.

Closing this window, is simple as clicking outside of it. Tabs provided include Home (current temp, wind, forecast), radar, live camera and weather news. Clicking on any of the links, will simply take you to the website for further details on your selection.

Multiple locations

Definitely one of the best features for Google Chrome, especially for those who do a bit of traveling, is the option for multiple locations. Remember when  you were setting up your locations in the options window?

You can return here by simply right clicking (Windows/Linux) over the temp display in Chrome, then choose options. Now let’s add some more locations. Using the steps described above, add two or three more locations.

Scroll down and select the number of minutes that should pass before moving from one weather location to the other. Hit save.

Things to remember

When you first open up Google Chrome, it may take a minute to see the temp appear in the upper right. Once it does however, you can then click on it to get more weather detail.

Not a Chrome user, using Firefox instead? We have an extension for that browser as well that’s worth checking out.