Prepare for 2015 with the Back to the Future II Marty McFly Hat

Marty McFly did a lot of going back — and forth — to the future. But in his travels, he didn’t really pick up a timeless fashion sense that would allow him to seamlessly meld into the general populace of yesterday, today, and tomorrow without raising a few eyebrows. In the end, this otherwise hip young skateboarder decided to trust the somewhat questionable advice of his old pal Doc Brown; his headgear of choice upon hitting the distant future year 2015? The Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly Cap Replica. Except that his wasn’t a replica, obviously.

There should be an image here!

As featured in Geek Gift Guide 003 – Let’s Play Minecraft Bacon Tetris!

Oh, and Back to the Future Part II, I suppose.

Want to wear tomorrow’s fashion, today? You can get your own Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly Cap Replica here! Happy Glow Week!

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