King’s Landing in Disney Magic Kingdom Style

When the Iron Throne at King’s Landing is vacant, a clear heir isn’t always apparent. This can cause real problems when multiple heads of multiple houses with even a hint at a claim just decide to go for it, with the poor, suffering population of Westeros caught in the middle — again. What the Seven Kingdoms need most of all is a strong leader with an unwavering moral compass and the ability to rule ruthlessly, with absolute power, when necessary. What Westeros needs is Walt Disney in King’s Landing.

King's Landing in Disney Magic Kingdom Style

When you wish upon a star…

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Our resident "Bob" (pictured here through the lens of photographer Jason DeFillippo) is in love with a woman who talks to animals. He has a fondness for belting out songs about seafaring and whiskey (arguably inappropriate in most social situations). He's arm-wrestled robots and won. He was born in a lighthouse on the storm-tossed shores of an island that has since been washed away and forgotten, so he's technically a citizen of nowhere. He's never killed in anger. He once underwent therapy for having an alien in his face, but he assures us that he's now feeling "much better." Fogarty also claims that he was once marooned along a tiny archipelago and survived for months using only his wits and a machete, but we find that a little hard to believe.