Minecraft Creeper Box Head Masks You from Culpability

Got mischief? Trying to get away with something you’re not supposed to be doing can be downright troublesome. The worst thing about it is that those you have wronged will somehow expect you to take responsibility for your actions! That’s why I have a Minecraft Creeper Box Head around to mask my identity should the opportunity to create a little chaos make itself available.

Minecraft Creeper Box Head Masks You from Culpability
[From Geek Gift Guide 007 – I Destroyed My Nexus 4 Screen! by Chris Pirillo]

The next best thing would be a Steve Urkel mask, but even we, the people of LockerGnome, can’t overcome the sheer horror of such a prospect. Besides, this is Creeper Week. We don’t celebrate Urkel Week. You’re welcome.

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