Gallifrey’s Pop-TARDIS Time Lord Pastries Look Better Than They Taste

It’s a well-known fact that Time Lords have weird taste. Maybe there’s just something odd about the water on the planet Gallifrey (in the constellation of Kasterborous, in case you were confusing it with the one in the constellation of Miniflook, Tungatore, or even Betabloxxor — Gallifrey is like the Springfield of space, am I right?).

Gallifrey's Pop-TARDIS Time Lord Pastries Look Better Than They Taste

So when we were offered the chance to try Gallifrey’s Pop-TARDIS Time Lord Pastries, we were a little hesitant. Could they be worse than fish fingers and custard? I wouldn’t go that far. I’d say they were only equally awful. Still, the Pop-TARDIS logo is pretty snazzy, wouldn’t you say? What Gallifrey lacks in good cuisine sense it more than makes up for in graphic design skills. Oh, and time travel. I’d spare the bigger-on-the-inside pastry box (you’ll never finish) and just wear the t-shirtor snag one for your favorite Doctor Who fan this week before they stop making ’em.

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