Yoda Santa Hat Invites You to Wear or Wear Not

Yoda Santa Hat Invites You to Wear or Wear Not

Combining two sages of the ages, the Yoda Santa Hat is a powerful token of wisdom and warmth when ’tis the season! [Image shared by Pirillo Picks]

“Always pass on what you have learned.”Yoda

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”Anon (Sadly not George Carlin, in spite of what the Internet tries to tell you!)

Whether in a galaxy far, far away or planet Earth circa today, the wisdom of the ages always finds a way to get passed along to the next generation. Otherwise, we’d be re-inventing the wheel every other decade and letting our awesome Force sensitivity go to waste, never becoming more powerful than you could ever imagine.

What if you could combine two sages of the ages and give wretched ignorance a double whammy in one fell swoop? Sound good? Then let me introduce you to the Yoda Santa Hat (with bendable ears)! What’s that, you say? Hats not make one great? I guess that’s a fair point. But this not-so-ordinary hat isn’t designed to decorate your head so much as it sits perched there to bring out your inner Yoda/Santa. The wisdom these two wise guys have gathered radiates from inside of you.

Good Relations with the Yoda Santa Hat You Will Have

During these last months of the year when people struggle with deep issues like deciding whether to wish one another “happy holidays” or “merry [insert favorite end-of-the-year holiday — of which there are many, but let’s say “Christmas” — here],” you’re above such concerns. Your steady gait accompanies an air of worldly — nay, galaxly — all-encompassing self-assuredness that the Death Star’s in the details; what matters most is that we wish well upon others whether or not their belief system mirrors our own. Peace on Earth/Dagobah and good will among species? I couldn’t wish for a better way to observe the season.

Spread good holiday cheer and get your own Yoda Santa Hat today!

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