Exterminate Moisture with the Doctor Who Dalek Towel

It’s not a well-known fact, but Daleks (disfigured, metal-shelled mutants from the planet Skaro who spend most of their time invading the planets of “inferior” beings) love the beach. Apparently, their creator, the mad scientist Davros, picked up Frankie and Annette movie transmissions via Skaro’s equivalent of SETI and he became hooked. He passed along this bizarre proclivity to his progeny, and now this Doctor Who Dalek Towel lets you have your own beach blanket bingo party… Dalek style.

Exterminate Moisture with the Doctor Who Dalek Towel
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Get your own Doctor Who Dalek Towel here! Douglas Adams — once a writer for Doctor Who — would wholeheartedly approve of your choice for Towel Week!

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