Donut Toothbrush Holder for and by Big Mouths

The Donut Toothbrush Holder is a uniquely designed piece for holding your family’s funky toothbrushes — which also serves as a reminder to brush your teeth after every meal (especially ones covered in pink frosting). Designed for a family, a group of four, or an obsessive toothbrush collector, this donut-shaped holder will keep your toothbrushes separated from each other, yet convenient for easy use.

Why Your Family Needs a Donut Toothbrush Holder

There was a time when toothbrush holders were actually a part of the tile work in residential bathrooms. Today we rarely, if ever, see toothbrush holders built into any bathroom. So how can we keep our toothbrushes separated and away from contact with the rest of the family’s toothbrushes? Enter the Donut Toothbrush Holder, which can hold up to four toothbrushes and keep them separated from each other.

So what do you do if there are more than four members of your family or group? Simple: buy two Donut Toothbrush Holders to hold a total of eight brushes!

Made of ceramic, the Donut Toothbrush Holder can be easily cleaned by being popped right into your dishwasher.

No dishwasher? No problem. You can hand wash the Donut Toothbrush Holder with hot water and soap with equal efficacy. If you are a real germaphobe (which, let’s be reasonable, is probably not the worst thing to be during cold and flu season), you can even use a disinfectant of some sorts to get your Donut Toothbrush Holder really clean. No matter how you keep the Donut Toothbrush Holder clean, you will still be protected from toothbrush contamination.

When was the last time a pink-frosted treat helped keep your teeth cavity-free? Get your own Donut Toothbrush Holder today!

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