Glowing Blue Ride on Red Tide by the Seaside

Red tides — sometimes-toxic algal blooms of overabundant phytoplankton along coasts — can be detrimental to the health of everything from fish to manatees to sea lions to humans. But there’s no denying that the resulting bioluminescence is a captivating consolation prize — as seen here in San Diego recently. Thanks to Peter Kragh for posting these videos, and thanks to James Baker from Sploid for bringing them to our attention so we can share them with you for Glow Week!

Notice the shoes, because casually lighting up the results of a red tide with your bare feet is what researchers call “a bad idea.”

Glowing Blue Ride on Red Tide by the Seaside
[From Bioluminescent Waves in San Diego, Red Tide Blue Waves by Peter Kragh]

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