Don’t Shy Away! Dancing Bats Only Want to Delight You

Like spiders and snakes, bats seem to get a bad reputation from a portion of the populace for being somehow “creepy.” Maybe it’s because old-school vampires like Count Dracula could take on the form of a bat and flit about the night sky in search of prey. Maybe it’s because, unlike the pigeons who suffer the unkind epithet, bats sort of do look like rats with wings (well, at least the furry part).

But these bats? You should love these bats and hope to have them sing to you when you next sup at an Italian restaurant. I know they’ll be in my head — and heart — when I’m chowing on gnocchi and sipping red wine forevermore. Mangia! Thanks to Paul Wood for sharing this smile-inducing dose of batty goodness!

Don't Shy Away! Dancing Bats Only Want to Delight You
[From Dancing Bats by Paul Wood]

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